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I know a lot of people are going to say if you hate the navy, then you shouldn't have joined.  But I didn't hate it to begin with.  Obviously why I would I join something I hate.  The recruiters spun all sorts of lies and told me wonderful things about it and I haven't received any benefits; my pay is constantly late and I am not having the experience they promised.  They said I could gain confidence in myself, but I have nothing but fear within me the way I have been treated.

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I hate the navy, I only have one year down and three to go.... I feel trapped being in the Navy and cannot experience life. I feel like I cant do what other teenagers do, instead I am stuck in an office scared to speak my mind. I can honestly say, I have never been more depressed and miserable in my life. Since I've joined, I have become the biggest introvert. I don't like talking to anybody in my office because they all have the "I'm better than you" mentality and treat me like I am so stupid just because I am so young. I don't like looking any of them in the eye and I don't speak unless spoken to. Then again, I don't know if I actually hate the navy, or just the people who are in the navy.... I can honestly say there's part of me that will dislike somebody right off the bat if they are in uniform. I have grown to dislike it more and more.

I know how you feel. I thought after Basic Training, things would get somewhat better, but no f***ing way. They dropped me from the program I busted my *** to get into during "A" school. After that, I just bided my time until my EAOS. I thought about doing something to weasel out, but that is the cowards' way out.
The day I left the USN from NAS North Island, 20 tons of bricks came off my shoulders.
You will get through, you will find happiness again, you will find life again. GOD BLESS YOU during this time.

Fukk the NAVY. I wasted 5 years of my life to this **** for nothing. i had to deal with ****** leadership, liers, cheats , the whole nine. I was never the type to really complain, i just pushed through and did what i was told. in the end it got me no where. I'm still a E-3 after all that i have done( community work, deployments, etc). i see people that barely done **** in their navy career and become e5. And i know someone out there is gonna say or ask about the advancement test and i can say that some i didnt do well on but most of them i did go, even this past cycle i scored higher than most taking it and do you wanna know what it was that held me back from picking up??? MY OWN LEADERSHIP! stating that my performance was only good for a couple months and that i havent did enough to get a better eval. oh, im sorry i have a wife and a child i have to support and take care of and a life outside of this misserable fuckhole so no i dont do JEA or any other bullshit organizations, i barely have time for my college classes. i'm also sorry i dont suck **** or kiss *** to gain position. i do what i am supposed to do; my ******* job. i didnt know the navy was some popularity/**** sucking contest to pick up. so all i have to say is **** the navy, **** naval medical center san diego, **** those that i work so hard for in the ophtamology department and didnt get **** in return. its a shame i get more respect and gratitude from my patients then from my own for those tthat are even thinking of joining, DO NOT DO IT, IN THE END YOU WILL GIVE UP MORE THEN YOU WILL GET OUT OF THE NAVY. YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, FREEDOM, AND LIFE. I couldve stayed in college and done way more than what the Navy has done for me.
So to all of those that wanna join, do so at your own risk. you may have better luck than i did but do you really wanna gamble with your time or your life??? ask anybody thats been in, people coming back with PTSD or some mental disorder, hurt or broken, those that were forgotten after they got out after a long honerable service to find no jobs and end up holding signs on the streets.
i could go on and on, and boy do i wish i did my research before hand but.... you live and you learn....

This is very accurate I wish I would have seen this post long ago. I have two more years left in the navy and everything ya put down in your post in 100% true.

I can't even describe how much I hate the navy..... It makes me physically sick..... **** the navy

I know what you mean. I felt sick everyday onboard.

Sounds like you all whined your way through the service instead of sucking it up, sticking it out and making the best of it. Civilian jobs are no different; cluttered with idiots or at the very least people who have positions of authority and probably shouldn't. I work with people like you all who did their time and never even use their benefits to better their lives or go to college, they just sit round the old trailer park and complain about how much it sucked. Have some pride that you finished the job you started, put it behind you and try and make something more of yourselves... I doubt any other world militaries have more post-service whiners than the United States...

how about you suck me

Gotta love someone who doesn't know a thing about their job except how to get out of it to 'work' with JEA and MWR surpass you in rank and claim they do the same job as you yet never is in the work space, pick up rank because they get an EP for not doing their job. I liked the navy when I first got in but when I realized the only way to get promoted is being a good test taker and spending all your liberty working at soup kitchens after working 9-10 hour days to get a good eval.. No thanks. Good luck to anyone getting out early with EETP your COC will throw you under the bus unless you got a rare Chief that isn't GO NAVY. Glad my term is almost over :)

Guess what I joined as well. See the world they said, I've seen san Diego in the winter an Bahrain in the summer. If you have ever been to Bahrain then you know it's like god took a crap in the Arabian Gulf and named it Bahrain, my pay has been messed up since I joined and I have to take orders from people who should be on the short bus. Oh my god I can not wait till the day i get out. I'm literally going to buy a billboard just to say you'd be better off with a tree, rope, and a bucket then join the navy. Accelerate your life down the toilet with other turds


For those of you who reenlisted i feel no sorrow, you're stupid all over again. You signed once, bad on you. You signed twice, guess what dip ****, bad on you again. The navy is evil and so are 98% of morons, social degenerates, and power hungry small **** wife cheating low-self esteemed having individuales that fill its ranks. All i want to say is PAPERCLIP 780. <br />
<br />
I can't wait to have my life back.

I came back in as a reservist, and am still continually frustrated with the neaderthals and power trips of people around me. It's a mediocre man's paradise.<br />
<br />

I came back in as a reservist, and am still continually frustrated with the neaderthals and power trips of people around me. It's a mediocre man's paradise.<br />
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The Navy isn't too terrible for a guy or girl to get out and experience different things. My advice would be to come in for 4 to 6 years, enjoy seeing the world, reap the college benefits, get that "military" experience and then move on. The best move I ever made was joining the Navy. While not the worst move ever, the one I regret is re-enlisting after my initial enlistment. In my opinion, the higher you go in the Navy, the worse it gets.

The Navy is like the ocean itself: mean, mindlless and foul smelling. No sense in hating it, just move to Jackson Hole or something.

They would make you stand a dress blues/whites inspection before the wood chipper.

If they were required by Congress to slowly run you through a wood chipper in order to receive Federal Reserve magical money machine funds, they would do it and your Mother too.

It's just another dead institution that exist to perpetuate itself and is not there to do any wonders for you, the individual. I went into the Navy (RTC San Diego) and frankly, hated it from day one. I did my time and got out. Do your time the Honorable Discharge way and become a human being with rights and dignity again. You'll discover the varied ways of building confidence (dirt cheap) and none of them require you to sign your life away.