I Don't Want To Sound Crazy. But Hasn't There Always Been An Earthquake Before The Olympics?

Hopefully I can trust Nature knows things? But wasn't the previous Olympics in China in 2008? I thought just a month before the China Olympics, China had its big Earthquake? Then the Buddest Monks where being hoarassed by the Olympics. To me it's not such the morality, that people seem to like to chose and pick from. So now the Earthquake in Haiti, now seems to make a bit more sense? (I think?)

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

But the Earthquakes before the Olympics where Horrific Earthquakes. More like above 7.5. Where there is casualties and making big News because of them.

There's a magnitude 6 or greater earthquake somewhere in the world just about every day. Fortunately, most of them are deep in the ocean and cause no damage. So, yes, there has always been an earthquake before the Olympics -- and before the Super Bowl -- and before the World Series and . . . . . :-)