Please Welcome: Blah Blaablaaaaaaah!

I hate when Oprah hollers the name of whatever huge star is about to take her stage. "Here comes John TRAVOLTAAAAAAAAA!!!" I admit I have watched her show on and off since she came out, no wait, became a talk show host in the 80's. And I have loved some shows, learned stuff and been entertained very much over the years.

Something like 8 years ago, she began this insane screaming of celebrities names. It used to be seldom for special guests, now it's almost anyone entering her stage. This always reminds me of the "Hippo Hurricane Holler" from Hannah/Barbera cartoons. It has been parodied on Saturday Night Live by Maya Rudolph and was done so well, it annoyed me just as much as Oprah and makes me hit the mute button until the audience settles down. Marge Simpson speeds through the hollering and audience cheering on Opal with her Tivo. Even on 30Rock by Tina Fey asking Oprah to say "Liz LEEEEEEMONNNN!!!"

And another thing, what is she a parrot now? "Ok, we'll be right back, we'll be right back, right back." Yeah, yeah, she's a big millionaire if not billionaire and does so much for African children blahblahBLAH. I already said I was a fan to begin with, so I'm entitled to criticize and vent with all the snarkiness I can muster. Don't like it, start your own group.

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She also plugged James "Death" Ray on her show. Then he killed 3 people in an psycho-white-boy sweat lodge. Then she refused to renounce James publicly.

BUT she'll have the author of A Million Little Pieces return to the show to ream him for fabricating chunks of his memoirs.

She is a terror.

CBM- I would scream for you if she hippo-hurricane-hollered your name!<br />
<br />
IVFP- Well, when you're the wealthiest woman, no one tells you anything they aren't paid to tell you. But Gayle-girlfriend is obligated to let O know she's aggravating the **** out of everyone!<br />
<br />
Lacey- MadTV does a great job, I like that too.<br />
<br />
Thanks peeps, thought it was just me and my hormones!

THANK YOU, Lacey! I was beginning to think I was nuts since nobody else said anything. I like the show but that just irritates me so much I gotta mute. She's like a parody of herself.