Crazy Nazi

Okay so this is how it goes I live in a house with my bf , cousin ,his wife an kid......just putting it out there that this is MY HOUSE!......I moved two months ago away from my immediate family to live in a small town where my cousin lived, When i first got here i loved it, Its cheap its quite it was perfect for my bf and I. I started bonding with my cousin wife who i met before an i happened to like before i knew her!!!,,,,,,,Long story short they ended up moving in with us an shes crazy shes always bashing Americans shes German. She constantly yells, screams ,cusses and sees no problem with it . we have gotten into many arguments over nonsense because apparently Germans do everything better!! I honestly feel my cousin has no balls because he gets treated like crap on a daily bases by her he works an shes does nothing shes barley takes care of her son all she does is yell at him tell him how stupid he is cause he doesn't listen ... shes is so bitter all shes wants to do is drink an party and club shes 32 she always talks about how shes doesn't want her kid how she wants a divorce all the time ....If your that unhappy then leave please!!!!!! stop making everyone around you miserable if i could kick her out i would i swear i just want to buy her a plane ticket an be like be gone B***h but i love my cousin way to much hes like a brother to me plus hes a veteran.....So i will just suffer until shes gone
Mia9181 Mia9181
18-21, F
May 16, 2012