Cannot Get Through

I used to have a phone company for the Internet only.  I signed up for the Internet billing, and that suddendly allowed me to have two accounts.  Unfortunately, after cancelling in July, I found that the Internet account was still billing me. So I promptly phoned them and told them that they billed me for 92 dollars, but I have been paying over and above that.  I gave the man my other Internet account number.  He quickly realized the situation and told me that the situation was resolved and that I would be receiving a check in the mail.  That check never came.  Now it is March and I am getting phone calls from bill collectors wanting this 92 dollars.  So today being my day off, I decide to spend some time on hold to the company.  I get on the line with someone by saying the word "representative" to the automated phone guy, like a dozen times. And he always wants me to confirm.  And he does not hear me when I say "yes."  Ugh! Ugh!  I have to say yes with the s at the end sounding like a snake.  So I get someone on the line and she hears me and she says "Wow!  This is a special issue!  I need to connect you to "customer care!"  So I get connected to customer care and this person is like "I cannot help you if you were a previous customer, I need to transfer you to "accounts receivable."  So I get on the line with accounts receivable and this person says, I need to transfer you to someone who is "in charge of those matters."  So low and behold, I get to talk to the exact same woman in "customer care."  And I say,"Didn't I just speak to you?"  And she says "It sounds like you are being "looped around.""  So she promises to stay on the line with me when she transfers me back.  Then, I hear the busy signal, and I know I've been cut off.  Then the second time I call, I get transfered and I get the busy signal right away.  So I am at my wits end.  

Gwen110 Gwen110
36-40, F
Mar 6, 2009