So Sad About Plastic Surgery

I have always been against plastic surgery- I hate the thought of it. Not when it's for medical deformities and oddities and such....not for really GOOD reasons, but for vanity's sake- I hate it. I love women, I love BEING a woman. I am cool with my nurturing nature and I am cool having big boobs and a few curves and I am cool with loving the essential parts of being a woman that make a woman feminine. . I believe in respect and love to ourselves and our bodies. I believe in demanding the utmost respect from others to us too. And in treating others with care and respect and expecting ourselves to be treated the same way. As Walt Whitman says "Dismiss that which insults your soul." That goes for anything. Maybe you are a  huge believer in Plastic Surgery and this little blog of mine insults you. So stop reading. Or maybe your boyfriend pushes you and calls you horrible things. So tell him to get out of your life. 

The reason I mention these things first is because I believe much of the craze of plastic surgery (sorry "cosmetic" sounds too nice) is rooted in male chauvinism, whether the women getting it believe that or not. In fact they can believe with EVERY BONE IN  THEIR BODY that it's their own choice, but I still disagree. It's subconscious that we are molded by our society into beings that think certain ways. Trying to get your body reshaped so that you can feel "better about who you are" is really just subconsciously trying to get more people to look at you, trying to erase on the outside an ugliness that most likely exists on the inside , trying to get men to think you are sexy because deeply rooted in American culture that's what women think their worth is rooted in. It's amazing to me, the "intelligent" women that will get these procedures. Lawyers, doctors, politicians who are so well-educated and yet are so secretly against their own natural selves, so secretly desperate for love and attention from men, or just unsatisfied with how they look and they want to give the big middle finger to nature and God. Shortcuts. Instantaneous shortcuts to solve lifelong issues. They wouldn't even think about working on their own mental and emotional health to fix their yearning, they think that a little cut and paste masking tape on the outside can fix their lifelong insecurities and inadequacies..... Why can't they just turn gracefully into the loving sisters and mothers and grandmothers that they know they are, and be beautiful through hard-earned health and through self-image and affirmation instead of through money and knives???? Instead of believing that the world EXPECTS them to change and get a facelift, why can't we EXPECT our men to change and start valuing beauty in a new way? Why can't we give ourselves a lifelift instead of stupid facelifts? Why is it so hard for people to have actual wisdom? I try to think of actual older women role models that are like this in my life, and there are NONE!!!!!! OK, maybe 1! Perhaps there is just as much a shortage of those  kinds of wise men as there is of women in the same age group. Maybe being born in the 40's or 50's with so many facets of  gender roles switching and morphing and evolving over the next few decades left people too effed up. But most women over 50 that I know are still insecure about men, insecure about their weight, insecure about their youth slipping away. How terrible that they think it's bad to get old! How terrible for the young women to have no true wisdom to count on!!! SO that we get scared of getting older, fearful of time's seasons leaving their marks on us!  No wise matriarch to turn to! What about the beauty of what life is, the passage of time! Isn't it's gifts worth all the wrinkles in the world? Surely you wouldn't just want to stay 21 forever and never grow in your mind and soul?  Is this all because of how badly women want to be noticed by men? I sure hope not. What a terrible way to evaluate your self-worth. Besides, why can't women tell the superficial douchebags in their lives to F----  OFF and find men that know that true beauty is in the wrinkles that come from the laughter and pain of time's process. Men that love wisdom over youthful "sexiness". Men who think age IS sexy cause they think knowledge is sexy!!! Men that think 20 year old girls look like children, not future wives! (Obviously I am targeting older men here)  Men that LOVE our sagging boobs and imperfect waistlines because they gave us the beautiful children that are our greatest treasures? These men exist. I know they do. I am married to one. And I'm not flabby or old yet.....I am 33. I feel beautiful for the most part and never worry about it. But that's probably because he constantly makes it clear that he likes the womanly curves I DO have and he would kill me if I cut some of it off! And he loves his grandmothers and think they are the most beautiful and wise women in the world. He loves their giant hearts. Why can't more men be like this and support the true heart of maternity and the true heart of femininity, not just in youth, but in age as well. Why can't we see the beauty in things that are weathered? As a society women see it in men! Look at Sean Connery or Harrison Ford....."men get handsomer as they get older"....BUt nOT WOMEN? That's what our world thinks. But what if the world thought the wrinkles were beautifuL on women too!  And maybe not having a hardbody when you are 55! Of course it's always nice to see people who are healthy, and their bodies look healthy, but the movies stars of today go overboard!!! Women aren't built to look like teenagers when they are 60!.....Geez our obsession with youth is crap. I can't wait to be an old lady and look people in the eyes NO MATTER WHAT I LOOK LIKE and KNOW that I am more beautiful than ever!!!! That time and wisdom makes for true beauty! That my wrinkles and my sparkling ancient eyes are proof! That my service to the world and my love for people is the proof! I can't wait to be a grandmother that young girls can look up to. Instead of saying " I look fat." or " how come all the men only like younger women?" etc etc. Why do older men only like younger women? Because you expect them to!!!! Because you think "How- in a million years- could he think I am beautiful, when there are all these available young women?" Because you're AREN'T YOUNG maybe? Ever thought of that? Ever thought that a truly wise man would never want to put up with the immature selfish nature of a 20something year old ever again? Because they might be few and far between but those kinds of men exist. YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW YOU ARE ALL THAT!

And besides, a person doesn't HAVE to have a partner. It's nice to share things with a love, but it's not the end of the world if you can't. There are soooooo many people that need your love. There are so many friends that you could make. Men aren't everything, ladies. Love yourself. LOVE YOUR OWN LIFE. Love what your days are about, every single day.


But no, instead of going out in the world and doing good things for people, having a positive attitude, making the YOU you were born with beautiful with a good outlook, people turn to the knife.

I wish that people who got plastic surgery had to be willing to have their bruises and bloody stitches show up again like once a month for the rest of their lives. So they could remember the disgusting nonsense it took to cut into their own flesh and blood. And I wish that they couldn't hide it...that others would have to hide their eyes at the disgusting black and blue and turn away from looking at these people who instead think they have found instantaneous ways to override their natural genes and God.

I am not really a religious person, I believe in nature. I believe in some kind of God, and I believe in striving for unconditional love in the world. I know I may not sound that loving, but it truly is my only goal. For some reason though, plastic surgery FREAKS ME OUT. The thought of it. I don't hate the people that get it, I just hate IT. And I hate the underlying reasons WHY (especially women) people get it. I believe there is a higher intelligence behind everything and that somehow our bodies are holy and beautiful just the way they are....and something inside me feels so strongly against this practice of cutting up ones own body and shaving off skin, and bone, and putting new things in. I find it absolutely harrifying. Facelift, nose job, boob job, what have you. It makes me want to cry.

I know it's true- to each their own. To each their own extenuating circumstances. But you know what, it seems like 90% of these surgeries are out of pure desperate vanity.

One reason this has really fired off with me lately is because of the actress Megan Fox. I was looking at some photos of her and I was blown away by her immense natural beauty. To me, she looked like the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. I couldn't stop looking. Then I realized the photos were from like 2 years ago.  So I checked some more recent ones. I WAS SHOCKED. The beauty only lingered slightly. Something had changed completely. She looked a little plastic, a little generic, kind of like any other modely woman.


missadrienne missadrienne
Mar 6, 2009