Please Sir, Could I Have Some Tape?

On August 20, I went into the Haliewa Post Office. Upon walking in I was coldly greeted by an employee who was anything but helpful. I inquired about the best way to ship a parcel and, from the outset, was answered rather rudely. After a few moments of discussion, literally in mid sentence, the employee abruptly turned away and exited the room through a side door. I was surprised at his sudden exit, but thought little of it at the time and proceeded to select a box, insert my goods, and proceed to the checkout line. When I reached the counter I was greeted by the same employee who I had spoken to before. I asked if I could have some tape to secure the flaps on my box. The employee replied that I would have to purchase a roll of tape. I questioned whether or not I had to buy a whole roll for one package and was answered very brusquely that I would. The employee proceeded to literally throw the roll of tape down on the counter in front of me. Being put off by this crass behavior, I asked to speak to a manager. The employee went into the back room and emerged with the manager, Richard Ama. Mr. Ama and I discussed the situation for a few minutes and when I repeated my request for tape, he launched into a near rant. He explained (or rather yelled) that the post office had to meet a budget, and that they did so, in large part, by selling packing supplies. Substantively, this was reasonable enough, but I was quite taken aback by his tone. My surprise turned to shock after his next statement; inferring from my appearance that I was in the military (which has a large presence on Oahu) he said "We are not like the military, we actually have to earn our money." Floored by the audacity of this statement, I admit I responded angrily. The conversation deteriorated from there and after it became clear that no resolution could be reached on the spot I requested his name and left without making the transaction.
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In all seriousness, if the post office gave tape to every customer that needed just "1-2" pieces....they would go through at least a few hundred rolls a day. There used to be complimentary rolls for customers to use...but people would take advantage and use half a roll on a normal sized package....just because they could. This is why we ask customers to come prepared, or at the very least not take it to heart when we say that we can't give you free supplies.

You Are a low life slacker! What idiot goes anywhere without being properly prepaired? YOU! The Industrial Military Complex wastes so much money that just drips off the ends of the roasted military pig feast, so the Halburtonish Lackies can lick up the fat drippings. War for profit. The Postal Service doesn't get one red cent from Congress, or the taxpayers! Buy a roll of tape you cheap bastard!

I used to joke about the clerks where i had work.If they simle I would had fell over/