No Wonder They Are Going Out Of Business

My business ships quite a few documents overnight via Fed Ex quite regularly.  But when it comes to getting things to my daughter at the United States Air Force Academy, I am forced to use the USPS because all she has is a P.O. Box and the REAL businesses like FedEx and UPS don't ship to P.O. boxes.
Last week I prepared a much needed care box for my daughter: homemade cookies, ink for her printer,  a couple of glass bead key chains; you get the general idea.  I always use the Priority Mail boxes and usually purchase the postage at an APC.  This time, I was in a hurry so I purchased the postage online and taped it to the box. But no matter where I purchase the postage I always pay the extra $0.70 cents for the delivery confirmation.  I used tape on all four sides of the label  (not just Scotch tape like you use on Christmas presents) I used the same  mailing tape that I used to seal the box.  That sucker was on there and but good! 

So, I dropped the box off at the post office by my office and thought no more of it.  That is until I checked the tracking number online three days later.  It turns out that it has never made it out of the local sort facility.  I called the 800 number on the web site and had to press 0 right around 27 times to even be routed to a live person.  I had the privilege of speaking to David who was very polite but about as dumb as a rock.  I had to repeat everything to him 3 times and then he STILL got the zip code wrong.  David informed me that he opened a case for me and I souled receive a call within 2 business days about my case. 

Well, to their credit, I received a call this afternoon.  The call was from a "private" number and when I answered the gentleman on the other side of the line told me that he was from the post office where I had dropped the package and he was calling me about the complaint I made to customer service.  I told him that I wasn't complain, just trying to find my package.  That is when he proceeded to tell me that they did their job by getting it to the local sort facility and he couldn't help me after it was out of his hands.  So I asked who I could speak to at the sort facility.  He said that HE couldn't even call anyone down there and that I probably didn't apply the label well enough or maybe the box was damaged.  He then went on to inform me that if the box did not show up in my daughter's box in 30 days they would refund the cost of my postage. 

The bottom line is that the post office has no accountability whatsoever once you drop that letter or box off to them.  If my business ran that shabbily then I would be out of business.  Maybe we need to let the post office fail; if there is a real need for the service then a private company will take up the mantle and provide it and hopefully with much better customer service. 
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2011

Being a former PO employee, they tend to all have a mentality of "we are too big and strong to fail" and "it's the customers fault", which is not the case anymore.

I totally agree. I had a similar instance. The package "disappeared" despite the fact that I had it taped to endure a trip around the world three times (and it only had to go 3 states East.) <br />
<br />
There are probably a lot of good people at the post office ... but I sense there are a lot of dumb ones ... and possibly criminal ones hanging out there, too. It is really a sad thing. In fact, I am losing all hope in them and beginning to wish it all goes 100% private.