Just Another Day At The Post Office

My stupidvisor just got promoted. I have never worked at a company before where the higher ups actually know less than their subordinates. My stupidvisor was promoted after a three month probation because someone saw his application and decided that since he had experience running a "successful" business then he shouldn't be out on the street delivering mail. If his business was so successful, then why on earth did he need to deliver mail? So three months into the job he is promoted over people who have done the job for over 25 years, NOT INCLUDING ME. I met him approximately 7 years after he had already been promoted, but this information is important to the rest of my story.

By the time this man became my stupidvisor, he had already been in the Post Office for maybe 10 years. When I came to my current office he was on a "detail" assignment in another office so I assumed that when he took over the office I worked at we would have a completely competent boss. Those hopes and dreams never materialized. I can honestly say that I have never met a stupider person in my life. It soon became painfully clear to me that this man didn't have a clue. I was his subordinate yet he was always asking me how to do things and trying to get me to do his work. I have my own work to do which involves waiting on customers.

Because my manager is "nice", people tend to overlook the obvious flaw of him not knowing what the hell he is doing....well that is until he encountered me. If you are making $30,000 a year more than I am then I expect you to know your job without asking me how to do it. I expect to be able to go to you to ask questions and not the other way around. I expect you to be a leader. I expect you to get things done. I don't expect you to act like a sniveling coward shaking in your shoes when someone asks you to make a decision. I don't expect you to cower behind your computer when a problem arises. I don't expect you to come to me to fix the problem and then run back and tell your bosses how great a job you are doing and stab me in the back when I got you out of your bind. I don't expect you to take 100% credit for something you had no part in whatsoever.  I don't expect you to allow employees to fight and verbally accost each other while you hide in your office and act like you don't hear it.  I expect you to MANAGE!!!!

So now, the old boys network that promoted my boss are out of the picture and he has to fend for himself. Three top managers have come through and all of them tried to get rid of him. Finally someone sees through his rouse and knows that he doesn't know what he is doing. Instead of trying to learn his job he calls up one of the clan in the old boys network and BOOM, he gets a 6 level promotion, no questions asked, no good recommendation, no history of good job evaluations.

Now he is in an even bigger office to screw up, but what he doesn't realize is that in the position he is in now he's isolated. He can't call up his subordinate station managers to figure out how to do things or the gig is up. These people are hungry and greedy for promotions and they will be on his *** like sharks smelling blood in the water at the first sign of weakness. When these people who took the time to actually learn their jobs discover that he was promoted in spite of being a constant failure it's not going to be pretty.

I can only hope that one day this man's incompetence comes back to bite him in the butt.  I am mentally exhausted from dealing with this man's incompetence and stupidity.  I wouldn' wish an ******* boss like him on another soul. 


Surroundedbystupidity Surroundedbystupidity
Sep 20, 2012