Perishable And Crushed

I ordered some food and it was sent 2nd day delivery.

It arrived (in a lock box) 5 days later, because they put it in a lock box (Palm Springs, CA desert - hot) and all the Supervisor said was "we don't go to peoples doors" . . . not even for PERISHABLES? STUPID & COSTLY.

On the same day, my partner received some shampoo he order, and the box was CRUSHED and RIPPED OPEN. Explanation . . . are you ready . . . its "hazardous material" and was not marked LIQUID. "We treat LIQUIDS differently ' . . . you sure damn do . . . you run over them with a fork lift.

That's the reason the damn Post Office is going out of business, with stupid policies, and very poor customer service.

The complaint was handled by a stupid, stupid, Supervisor (stupid), that told us to take it up with the shipper. Yea, right, the shipper caused it to be put in a lock box, and the shipper ran over it with a fork lift. Lousy Customer Service with an idiot of an employee.


Palm Springs, CA Post Office
333 East Amado Road
Palm Springs, CA 92262
66-70, M
1 Response Feb 6, 2013

OMG, I am in total agreement. I do not go to the post office anymore unless I have to stop mail. I go to the UPS to do everything. They package it for you, they smile, they are pleasant and the delivery is quick, efficient and intact.

You are right, the post office will be an extinct entity, the UPS can provide all the services. !!! Everyone should stop going to the PO and do all their services with the UPS office.