I Don't Understand The USPS

I want to force the Postal Service to fix themselves!

We spend thousands of dollars a year with the USPS. They continually make mistakes and loose packages (or in our case, the postal worker in the post office we use was fired for stealing mail). Since this is the only way in some cases to get our product to our customers we must then add insurance and signature required etc. which cost's more money!

I dropped off 100 post cards at our downtown main post office. This required me to purchase extra 1 cent stamps due to the cost increase a few months back (and they didn't have enough because who ever needs 1 cent stamps). When I picked up the mail today, all the post cards were in our box. The note said. "Stamps may not be reused or covered. Stamps Void when coated, covered, defaced or reused, return for postage."

We had purchased Pre-Stamped Postcards from our parent corporation. We didn't use all of them last season, since it was dated material we had extra. We produced new postcards since the information changed from last season. I cut off $400 worth of stamps, never used, never defaced, never coated or covered. I then purchased special glue, so as NOT to offend the god of the mail and applied a stamp to each of the new postcards. (2 stamps with the 1 cent stamp) I asked the postmaster why they refused to use these. They said "some people cut off stamps from letters that the postage has not been cancelled out and were already used. If everyone did this, we would be out of business". OK, well I don't care about some people, I'm talking about paying money for your product. Then they said. "We can try to send them, but when they get to their final destination, the person receiving it may have to pay postage for the postcard." WHAT? The final destination is one town over and part of the same stupid postage TOWN sorting center!

How many times must I waste time with these people. We already use Stamps.com, thank goodness they exist! BUT, the post office doesn't like Stamps.com and find new and unique ways of telling us we did something wrong and delaying our delivery. NONE of which were accurate!

I know, this is just a rant and nothing will come of it but in America, when a business is so poorly managed, employees are overpaid and that business is useless, they really should fail. (of course I am only talking about the USPS not our own government).

12Tardis 12Tardis
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1 Response Aug 23, 2013

They really need an overhaul, because it is just getting worse every year.