Mind Numbing

Yesterday once again I experienced mind numbing response from Gerrards Cross post office staff.

Royal mail give maximum dimensions for small parcels. I had cardboard boxes made exactly to the dimensions published by Royal Mail. I tried to send my box first class post, signed for service. The parcel wouldn't fit through the size gauge mounted on the counter. So I was given the choice either to send it standard first class post, or pay extra at Medium Parcel rate, if I wanted the signed for service.

I measured the gauge and it's exactly the same dimension as the published parcel size. So I have a parcel the same size as the gauge and it obviously wont go through as the gauge. The gauge has no clearance built in to allow a correctly sized package to go through. It will only allow packets less than the maximum published dimension to pass through.

It proved impossible to communicate the issue to the staff involved, they weren't interested in listening, in their view, if it does pass through the gauge then you can't send it.

Only a monopoly can be so arrogant.
boatlamps boatlamps
66-70, M
Nov 24, 2013