Worst Job Ever

I had worked in  law enforcement for 20 years. and felt the need for a change of career. I felt I needed to earn more money. I applied online for a rural route carrier position in Tallahassee,fl. where I live. I ignored all of my friends and the stories I had heard about working for the usps. I was sure that my positive attitude and work ethic would serve me well in any job. After an initial exam, then two interviews, then an extensive driving test, then a medical exam...which was just a few questions i filled out on paper, I finaly received a letter telling me I would be hired and where and when to go and begin. The first 3 days was orientation. Then a type of "mail carrier accademy" for 3 days, then one day of driving training. All was going good until I actualy showed up for 3 days of "on the job training". I was to be given 3 days of OJT with an experiened mail carrier. The first day I showed up at 8 am to begin casing the mail. After an hour my trainer had not showed up for work so I just did the best I could for another 30 minutes before my trainer finnaly showed up. Being new I introduced myself And my trainer told me her name and then I noticed a strong odor of alchohol on her breath. I had to stand next to her for another hour befor we were ready to load the mail in her car to deliver it. needless to say, I was concerned about having to ride with her on the route but since I was new, I did not want to say anything. The next day, I showed up at 8 again and she showed up this time at 10, again smelling like she had been drinking all night. We finished casing and again loaded up the mail. But this time in my truck.. She tried to get me to let her drive so I would "stick" the mail but I managed to talk her in to letting me drive again. Not mentioning that I felt she was too intoxicated to drive, much less deliver mail. The third day( my last day of training) I showed up at 8 and again, she was late. Other mail carriers would tell me of her work habbits when she was not there. I would just listen but would offer no comment as I could easily see after only two days, This post office in no way acted as a team and this was a work environment I had never had to deal with before. My trainer again showed up around 10 this time not smelling of alchohol. But said she had to go to the bank and would be back in a few minutes. She left me there to do the work alone. I was asked by the facility manager each morning where she was and all I could say was I did not know.  When she returned I had already placed the mail in my truck so she got in the drivers seat and since I felt she was sobor, I just let her drive. She then got on her cell phone and remained on it for about 2 hours while she stopped at the boxes and I stuck the mail. We returned at the post office at 505 pm and let me tell you...The facility manger was HOT!!!! She told us that we were late and should never return again after 5pm. The next day I was on my own so I felt I would be OK as far as getting the work done on time. I was slow with casing the mail but I think I did ok considering the training I got. ( or lack of). I took the mail out of the case and put it in my cart and left it momentarily to go check out my scanner for the certified mail. When I returned, the few carriers that had not left yet seemed to act strange, but I hardly realized it at the time as I was in a hurry and ready to deliver the mail. I told them goodby and left. I was making good time about 3/4 the way through the rout when the mail suddenly became out of order.  I sat there trying to figure it out but the only explanation I could come up with was someome had purposly mixed it up while I was getting my scanner. ( believe it or not, during training this was mentioned to us not leave our carts alone after sorting it because they believed someone in that section was responsible for messing up other peoples mail, especialy if you were new and were leaving before them they would feel threatened because you were faster then them). any way, I had to stop at each box and look through each piece of mail and attempt to deliver the mail this way, which was very time consuming. So at about 430 I still had about 20 pieces of mail left and decided it was better to just return to the post office without delivering them instead of returning late. I felt I could explain this to the manager and bring the mail back that same day or re-case it for the next day. After I returned to the office. I was told to take the mail back out and deliver it then return to the post office. I went ahead and finished delivering the mail and returned to the post office where I was asked in a serious manner, if I had a learning disability. I found this question very objectional. but politely said no. I left that day feeling as low as I ever had about a job. The next morning at about 630 I was called to come in and learn a different rout. Why i dont know, but I wanted to show I could do this job. I was briefly shown the casing for this new rout. I then began casing this mail when I noticed the other carriers seemed upset and the lady who was my trainer would not even talk to me. At this time I decided to ignore the atmosphere and just try to get through this day. As I worked, I began missing my old job and realized that dealing mith criminals at less pay was better than dealing with these #$@%$ at more pay. So I just left the mail at the case and went and told the facility manager I was leaving and the job was not what I had expected it to be. She did not seem to care one bit which made it easier for me to leave. I had never walked off a job before and felt bad about doing that. But I am soooo glad I am not there anymore! I am back at my old job and will be retiring in a few years.


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I just started working at the postal service. I felt like my mail was tampered with before I left to deliver my mail. It was in the middle of my route I notice this. My trainer has been their for 20 years why would I be a threat to her is beyond my understanding. I have trained a many of people in my work experience and I can tell you this I wanted them succeed in everything. This will make my job easier and they will most likely stay.

Rural carriers worst experience ever by new incoming employees:

First let me say their are some people who care about the new employees however the ones who have been their forever that have a I been doing this a long time nasty attitude so allow me share my experience.

I applied and was selected as a Rural Carrier in Georgia, Orientation and Drivers Training was great very professional. I could not wait until I got to my P.O. to learn my job very excited so after the training I was introduced to the supervisor I'll just call her Rosa, I was then introduced to the Postmaster I will just call her Jackie. Appear to be very approachable people. Rosa walked me around one day when nobody was there and said this is the Route you will be training on you will be training with a lady I'll just call her Francis. I said OK great looking forward to learning my route. Now keep in mind I knew noting about the Post Office process totally new to the system. I reported to work before the time I was told the first day because Since my training I was told the P.O. was big on being on time, I felt good and after that the "Training Program From Hell Started." Francis introduced herself to me and I introduced my self. We talked a few minutes and then she told me I been doing this 39 years I have had this route for 22 years I replied that it is a blessing for you and your family. So she began showing me the process of getting the mail and casing it because until you learn the route she said its better for you to case it. I notice the mail was marked addressed according to the route so I ask her why are we putting this mail up in the case and taking it right back down to put it back inside the route in the same sequence that we are already taking it why not insert the magazines or Flats inside the case to save time "Nope" that's not the way you do it. I said OK so we cased 4 to 5 cases of mail marked route A-D and turned around it pulled it right back down to put it in the same case according to the way it was marked. She told me about checking vehicles, picking up scanner, and cell phone and importance of accountable mail and I listened because I wanted to learn from her experience. The first day I road in the back of I think it was called a LLV, they installed a seat in the back I could barely see the Route from sitting in the back but I took notes to help me, I wished I could have drove to see it better I just accepted it. First mailbox was 11 miles down the road on a dangerous Rural Route it did not bother me until we started encountering specific situations only she knew about for example several mailboxes had no numbers on them I ask her why she said I just know em remember I been doing this 22 years so I said OK. She drove like time was about to leave and I got a bit nauseated from swinging from left to right in the back. She would constantly say "Oh I forgot you er back dare" All these different situations she molded over the years for her knowledge only. There was mailed addressed to someone and she would say It has his name on it but this is her mail "damn it was frustrating" She constantly told me during the route about how management is trying to dictate to her to take leave to bring in people like me to get rid of her and that is not going to happen. I took a deep breath and said Lord why did I end up with her. I notice she constantly looked through the packages instead of marking them I ask her why not marked them she reminded me of her 22 years on the route she does not need to mark them. I said OK but I don't know if I can memorized them like that I am new at this she did not say anything. OK first day went by I was not looking forward to the second day. The supervisor knew something I did not know because the second day Rosa said did you let him drive the Route she replied no Rosa said why not she said I'll get around to it. So we went out second day same old crap special situations, Oh I just know from 22 years on the route, Oh yeah she let me drive I put mail in about 22 boxes out of 544 boxes. After 22 boxes she said pull over I am not going to be out here until 8 o'clock tonight. I pulled over and she began driving like the end of the world was near after about 4 hours of swinging from the left to right my stomach was so shaken up I ask her to pull over and from the 90 degree heat 110 inside of truck I jump out of truck and began vomiting for at least a minute : "Lord why have you put me with this Lady" I got back in truck and she said that's probably because the way I am driving" I told her I was alright and we continued I still have not seen or driven the route adequately. I simply digressed and went with the flow. Rosa must have sensed something Rosa said I want him to do half the Route by himself he should have learned by now. I took a deep breath and Francis said you are going to be doing the route by yourself I said OK not because I wanted to I just wanted to get away from her I really did not know the route. I gathered half the route mail and went to Walmart to by some stuff to mark specific mail pieces to make easier for me Francis wasn't having it she said no you don't have time for all that do it this way we began to become confrontational with each other so I just gave in because I said I am a new employee how would it look to management me arguing the first week on the job. Francis took the other half of route. I delivered 90% of the mail and I became so frustrated and confused that I brought the rest back. Francis left me a note that one customer was very upset with me because I failed to pick up out going mail from one box. I reached my limits and one young lady that said she was responsible for picking up express mail daily notice I brought mail back she came over and said don't ever bring mail back here, she went and told the supervisor Rosa and Rosa came over and let me have a good tongue lashing about bringing mail back. I was sweating, tired and frustrated, and then it all added up why several people on my first day told me please don't quit, they knew I was with the trainer from hell no one warned me. People kept telling me the first day people have been quitting for some reason. "THAT IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE CHAOTIC RURAL TRAINING PROGRAM FROM HELL FOR NEW EMPLOYEES" When new employees come and identify a problem the new employee is punished for it. If you are scheduled to trained for Rural Carrier please do not train with at the PO in Georgia located on Walter Way!

Bosses don't care anymore, there worry about saving there own jobs. If a person has years in the Post office there safe.That why a boss wont ask then to work because it to much to write them-up.So the little person like you and I had to put up with tons tons of ****. I started out as a T.E carrier worked so many hours six days a week. I had no life,if I said anything I was always told you can leave.
So I took a less paying job as a P.S.E cleaner(post office), to go back to school.I came behind a man who was just a contract cleaner.Not a postal emp. He was allowed to do everything,take mail to the carrier and get mail from the blue box and so forth. He was there for 13 years, and was very close to the clerks and post master.
I get there a train carrier I'm not allowed not to do touch nothing.Because the clerks and postmaster like the man. I'm always watch , I have to go into another building to clean,one day the postmaster asked the boss do I work when I go over there. Even those the man before me would do nothing but sit over there.So if you dont think there favor ones in the post officer there are.Everyday I work I think one more day closer to school getting over and me getting out of the post office. Yes, they are many games played in the postoffice

So true. The first day you work there the red flags go off like crazy and you are thinking ok this is wierd. I am so glad I don't listen to cry babies ***** and complain all day anymore.

I can understand dave waves. You were right,if you to fast, you will get the fish eye look.No team work no nothing. I bet you should had listening.

Wow, aren't there any standards about firing people at the Post Office? Those workers should not be there anymore.

I quit after 6 hellish years! I'm so glad I did

Yeah, I hate the PO too, but I'm stuck working here for now. I've been trying to find another job for a while now. Any suggestions? I live in Alabama.