So I shipped a package on 2/12 with second day priority mail which cost almost $50 because it was a big package. 2/14 comes around and there is no package and not even an update on the tracking # after I dropped it off at the local post office. 2/17 I call the post office (I figured I would give them over the weekend). After being on hold for an hour they tell me to wait 15 days and file a claim. In my opinion if I paid that much money for something to be delivered in two days then on the third day I should be able to get my money back but I tried to be reasonable. After 15 days still no update on package so I file a claim online. After waiting a week for the claim to be answered they actually have enough guts to reject my claim. They are now trying to deny that the post office even had my package when the tracking # even says that it was accepted at the local post office at 2:37 pm on 2/12/14. I spent another hour on hold before I got to a representative and all they said was to file an appeal. I filed an appeal the same day and over a week later no update on the claim. Now it has been almost a month since I have mailed it. I already refunded my customer so I am out a lot of money at this point and may not ever see it back. I understand things happen but any decent business would be bending over backwards to make things right after they screw up not trying to screw you over even more. What's even more messed up is that fact that you can't do anything about it. I tried to file a complaint with the bbb hoping that would light a fire under them, but I got an e-mail that they can't process the complaint because the post office is a part of the government. I just submitted a complaint through the website, but I am sure that just goes to one of their great customer service reps ( I was being sarcastic of course) that probably has no authority to do anything about it. What are the real people supposed to do just take whatever they dish out no matter how much it costs us? At this point they have stolen over $100 from me and I am just supposed to take it? I wonder how they would feel if I took $100 out of their kids hands.
goingtofedexnow goingtofedexnow
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2014