The fact is the one here in my town treats me like crap!!! The supervisor always argues with me because I buy stamps somewhere else. (Like she doesn't still get the money). We ship a lot on eBay and instead of telling us the rules changed she just presumed that we would know and decided to rip up a couple packages saying it was improper and made me pick it up T_T I hate HER so much.
You think she show a little appreciation on top of it we ask her to pick up our packages she refuses every time
Nikki7842 Nikki7842
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1 Response Mar 14, 2014

Why did she rip up some packages? Please give us more details! I sell a lot on eBay too and find just printing out the postage from eBay and giving the package to the carrier saves the stress of dealing with the crazy people at the actual post office.