For the last month or so, they refuse to deliver packages to my apartment. They lie and claim "Delivery Attempted" and leave a pink slip in my mail box. I apply for "redelivery" and it usually results in.. yet another pink slip in my mail box.

They get into the building no problem to put letters in the mailbox for everyone.. But claim "we buzzed your buzzer outside and no one answered"

1) My buzzer works just fine

2) Nobody buzzed it.

3) Why the hell should I get dressed and go outside... when you were already 50 feet from my door INSIDE the building delivering letters?

I have important medications sitting at the post office that they won't let me have.

UPS seems to have no trouble accomplishing their task and I always get my items from them. From now on I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to make sellers use UPS for any parcels.

The one time I had a guy come here and give me a buncha nasty back talk over me applying for redelivery. Saying "it's against our policy" Well... the website says we are eligable and ya'll did it no problem for several years... So I don't think so ya lazy bastard.
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I have the same problem with mine