I Hate the Post Office!!!

My husband used to work for the post office and they treated him sooooooooo bad.  He's considered a disabled veteran and all they did for him was give him a hard time and mock the military.  He was also a full-time student and they told him he had to quit school.  He quit that job instead.  Right now we have been waiting for two paychecks to arrive in the mail since the 26th of last month.  Can you believe they sent one of the checks back?  Seriously, they couldn't just deliver the check with all the junk mail and bills they delivered?  (The address was correct, if you were wondering.)  The check was resent first class over a week ago, and it still hasn't arrived.  There are at least five people on my floor that have not received their paychecks and important documents, but the junk mail and bills get here just fine.  This is so frustrating especially when they're messing with our bread and butter.  Our poor neighbors are starving and have had all their utilities shut off because all the working people in the household have not received their paychecks for two months and they're job is telling them they have to wait at least 30 days to cut out new checks. (so happens that they all work for the same construction company) What's going on??  I am beyond upset!!  All they tell us is that there is a bag of mail that they haven't opened yet of first class mail because they are backed up.  More than likely they'll return all the mail to the sender so they won't have to deal with it.  They are soooo corrupted! 

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f the hemet post office

And they wonder why we use Fedex.....