Dont Work For the Usps!

For over a year I have told myself it pays good, it's keeping food on the table, you will find something soon. I am now telling everyone that will listen that I would rather be on welfare then work for the USPS. I transfered out of state with the PO and was promised all sorts of things like their RCA's (rural carrier associates, who, btw, are not full time) get at least 5 days a week and sometimes more. I have worked maybe 2 to 3 days per week for 3 months. I was also told that most RCA's have been going permanent within 2 years. Well I can tell you that most of those people have been there for 4 years or longer and are still not permanent. There are permanent positions open for them to go to but the post master wont make these people permanent because then he won't get his bonus. One of the supervisors is sleeping with a carrier and she gets extra help daily. I have been there less then a month and have never gotten help. I've even been sent out to help her! Recently I told them I would like to take a class at the local community college 1 night per week and could I be put on a short route so I could get there in time. I was told that the PO was my #1 responsibility and if I couldn't live up to my agreement with them, which btw is for you to be available 24/7, 6 days per week, then maybe this job wasn't for me and I should either give up this class or quit. The PO does not care about it's employees, they do not care about your health, your family, or anything that is going on in your life. You are a body to them. They ignore you if you get you're route in by 5 but all hell breaks lose if you dont and Lord help you if you don't answer that phone at 6:30. Oh, and you can forget about a scheduled day off. I waited 3 months 2 get my daughter in to see a specialist, asked for the day off and was told to change the appointment to my day off. WTF, day off? What's that? So I have decided to quit. I will go to school full time, live on welfare and foodstamps, attempt to get unemployment and screw the post office! I'll use e-mail and fed-ex and pay my bills on-line.

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I am a current employee of the post office. I am a City Letter Carrier ( CCA )...& you are 100% correct and true! The post office is a high turn over company and I've never seen a more unorganized, no good operation. I work almost 60 hours a week without a day off. They do make several promises and keep none. Either not enough hours or way too many for one person to handle. I hate the post office as well. I've called in twice, once, to just take a day to rest and one, for a job interview with another company. Well, that pissed off my post office job and now they are accusing me of 2 awols, making me go to pretend coyrt, in my assigned is a joke! I know most companies don't have empathy nor sympathy for employees but, the post office is that, ×'s 10. AS SOON AS I CAN FIND ANOTHER JOB...the post office will be told to kiss my A**!!!

I have worked there for ABOUT 3 months or less and during that time the supervisor do everything to get me fired.
I never complained, never refused any route they send me on, deliver all express for all the other routes, deliver packages for everyone before I would go and deliver the route assigned to me. I was so tired by the time I was ready to do my route. sometimes I would finish in the 2 hours given to me and they would send me back to deliver more packages or to help someone.
Every thing management does that is wrong they do everything to you to cover their *****.

First he trained me on a building, then send me on to work the streets and business, he would drop mails on the ground you took back to the office dated, He would put mail as much as 10 or more and say you miss-delivered, he would come on my route every day and watch me, he would come on my route take my mail and package's out of the car and load on my shoulder flats and dps in my hand and say learn to work smart and faster.
I would called a head of time to say my phone is going to die so you wont be able to get me. I would get shout at for that when I get to the office, and they would write it up and put it in a folder. however they would say I refused to answer my phone.
Even when I get back on time I still have not worked fast enough for them.

when I refused to quit, I was send to another station a got fired in two weeks, 6 reasons and only one from the station they send me to.
I would report a car tire flat and the supervisor hate me for that. I would collect mail and or package from a route I did not work on the previous day and give to the supervisor and he would say don't worry about it, now another person
would report the same thing on me and bam the supervisor goes off on me. YOU DONT BELONG TO THIS STATION!!.


So its a win, win for that supervisor, he told me I am going to that station to help. managers look out for managers as well.
and all these lies they can work up in their file, you better have your evidence as well, because you cannot win them.
Day off, forget that, as for me I don't care about day offs, I love the job, so I would ask for a specific day of the week to take my daughter to doctor, I would request my day off to be on my daughters appointment day, and that was an issue, even when I work on Sundays. "What time should I come in tomorrow?" I would ask, he would say just go home call me about after 2pm or so and I will let you know if I need you to work.

I could go on and on with my experience.

The manager at second station wrote the termination letter for the supervisor who wants to fire me from the first station.
one problem he have at the second station within the two week I have been there, is I got two hours and finish in 5 hours. now at this station I would work the buildings, homes, and businesses at the same time. now before leaving the office you need building keys and arrow keys. the manager send me out without those and told me to return in two hours, now this is a station where you would go on foot. minus the time you have to walk to the first location and back, when you finish that location you go to your first relay box reload and find your second location, then your third relay box and so on. now remember you only have two 2 hours to give out mails and packages. some times I would get 1:30, 2:00,3:00 and 5 hours if you are doing the entire route excluding rocking the mails.
Now during my working with the USPS, there are others there who have 4 months and even more and taking back mails, unable to finish, so think about the new employee on board with 3 days training and compare with the old employees with 2 to35 or more experience and still making mistakes and even miss-deliveries.

as a new employee to the postal service: YOU HAVE TO KISS *** BEFORE YOU KICK IT. This is let them walk on you treat you like ****. Managers do not treat you as if they want you to be there..
Supervisor miss lead you and then write you up for it.
working at the Post Office takes practice, it takes the older staff more that 3 months to maneuver a route much less rocking a route. but they need a new person to do it within 3 days or 3 months.

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if you are young, go for it, get a degree, I have been there too long to quit, but my body feels it, don't do it

Well i been working for 2 years as a rca and i love it. Go to work and no one bothers you. Get your mail delivered and you answer to no body. And maybe you were bullied by supervisors there but thats on your own. Dont let them push you around and dont ask for so much. Just show up and work. Rcas deliver on their own time. Shoudlve just showed up extra early so you can make your night class. But sorry you quit. the post office doesnt care about you. Its all how much stress you can take

Reading this really made me feel that I was not the only one going through this crap with the usps. It was one of my worst experiences!

How do you even get a job there? The online application and profile stuff doesn't even work.

The USPS website doesn't support the Apple computer operating system, you have to use a PC computer, if that is your issue.

I've worked for USPS for about 7 years now. I also hate it....but for stupid reasons. I just hate how stupid and wasteful it is. I always get stuck working with a bunch of OLD IDIOTS!! It's the OLD people and the union who RUINED this place. Of course Technology has caught up and passed us, the OLD GOOD FOR NOTHING REGULARS have run this place into the ground. I work in a huge plants in a major metro area and it's just full of good for nothing scumbags. I am by far the youngest regular here, the only one under 30. Probably the only one under 40. So as a REGULAR, i can say all this. The PSE's carry this place, the regulars are useless. I wish they were all thrown on their useless ***** tomorrow and had to find a real job. Old idiots. Thanks for bankrupting this place with your stupid grievances and lazy work ethic. I HATE YOU! :-)

I know plenty of people in their 40's, 50's and 60's who work for the USPS. They are some of the hardest working people I have ever met. Young idiot!

Hes jus a hater Who cant mind his own business. I keep my life outta the po.

Old idiots could work circles around you, talk to me 20 years from now when you are old and tired, it isn't lazy , dip and if it wasn't for grievances these old idiots started you would be working at the po for minimum wage buddy, you have a nasty attitude, you probably fly out there deliver the mail probably not caring where it lands so long as you get back early, go to McDonald's onalds or somewhere

I started with the Post Office as a clerk in a P&DC. I worked Tour 1 and was a PTF for almost 7 years. I saw the injuries my co-workers were experiencing so I transferred into maintenance as a custodian. I worked my way through the mechanic positions and today I am an Electronics Technician. I'm a level 10 nearing the top of the scale. I work independently for the most part, and the bosses respect me because I have the ability to make them shine or look like idiots. I had to previous maintenance nor electronics training prior to taking the tests. The PO sent me to training, and I can repair any machine in our facility. The opportunity is there if you are motivated .

Thats not true. I have worked for over 2.5 years as a Postal Support Employee. I make less than half the wage of career people and I get no benefits and no schedule and no promise of hours. However, I work 6 days a week and sometimes 12 hour days. The past 8 saturdays I have not gotten breaks OR EVEN LUNCHES, but the lunches were taken out of my pay anyway. I was transfered, against my will, from a non window role to a window role, and used to fill a career bid job that no one else would take "because it was too busy at that office." So now I do a career persons job and run an office ALONE as a non career PSE. The past 5 PSEs that they tried to stuff into this position quit. And instead of just giving me this career job, they ABOLISHED the job, yet still use me to run the office. The maintenance craft is the ONLY craft that is getting promoted. The truck drivers are also to a much lesser extent, and the clerk/processing craft is getting the shaft. If you are incompetent or if you know someone high up, you will become a boss. If you do your job well, it will be expected of you and you will go nowhere. I will be leaving for good especially now since my seniority mysteriously went from 18 to 74, and the union and the postal service cant explain why. They hire about 4 PSEs every 5 years, and you only make 60 cents more as career.

Your senority changes if you change installation so if you went from a level 22 or higher to an AO office that changes your senority

Waaah, it's too hard to go to work. Waah, I thought that being a letter carrier was easy. Waaah... you big baby! The USPS is huge so they can't cradle their "young" forever. Try working there a couple of decades and you might get some respect. Being a carrier isn't easy and putting up with customer's BS is even harder. People are ******** and they enjoy being rude to postal workers. Just read stuff like this on the internet.
Quit whining and grow up! OMG when you go to work, you might actually have to work.

Have you worked there as a newcomer? Its not the job it used to be. You dont start off as a career employee with benefits or days off or training. Know what happened to my friend? He works 6 days a week on call, never works less than 10 hours a day. Never calls off. He called off for the first time in 3 years BECAUSE HIS SISTER DIED. The boss screamed at him for wasting his time and hung up on him. If you have a good supervisor, or even a few good coworkers, you dont mind sweating all day. Also at our station, a carrier called in and said he had to come back early because he couldn't finish his route. He said he didn't feel good and felt like he was going to faint. The boss threatened him that he better finish that route or hed have his *** and the carrier kept working. HE DIED! Less than an hour later he DIED! The two supervisors who threatened him to keep going had to appear in federal court but both are still working. A supervisor at our local distribution center CHOKED a female worker over and argument about express mail and he remains employed there today. But you have no idea in your pretty little world how this job can be. I pray you never have to work like this, and if you are a postal employee, congrats on having a rare and good boss and/or knowing someone higher up.

Obviously, I had to be a newcomer at some point. I paid my dues and worked my share of 10 hour days in the Arizona summer. All i can say is WAHHHH! Big flippin' babies. Next "your friend" will be applying for disability. It's called working hard and I'm pretty sure our forefathers and farmers that made this country didn't ***** about their 10 hour days. WAHHHHH

You are a C***!

Typical USPS Sociopath!!!


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There is way more to it than that... That's just the tip of this horrible iceberg. I did a full rt (cases and delivered) and was back by 3:30 and they sent me out again. What is that garbage? I have children I only get to see every other week and this is my week. On top of that, they only have me one day off... = I work too hard to be treated like this. I now see why the other carriers milk their time. This job is best explained as this, "it's a bunch of dogs trying to teach cats how to be elephants, and once in a while and orthodontist comes in to see if things are being run properly." For a business that has been around for as long as it has, you would think they would be a bit more organized and they are far from it.

Its been infiltrated with the higher ups making deals with big government and businesses. Only people who know people get promoted into positions that mean anything, and they are all part of the same sick family, leaving anyone who actually cares about the tradition and the mail to suffer.

I have been a RCA for about 2 months. I have been "trained" on 4 routes and will learn a 5th next week. My worry is that it takes me 6 hours to case the mail and get the truck ready and another 5 hours to complete the route on my easiest of the 4 routes!! And that is with help of some other RCA's on Saturdays. What happens when I am called in on a weekday when there are no other RCA's to assist me?? It is VERY tough to set up the parcels in order when I have only cased the mail for 3 days. Plus after 10 weeks I only get paid what the route is "assessed" at. Meaning if the route is assessed at 8 hours and it takes me 14 I get 8 hours pay! Any suggestions?

Find a new job!

Yup. Everyone goes through what you do When they start. Keep yo head up and push through it for a year then you can do it with your eyes closed. Its all muscle memory. Jus like putting a 1000 piece puzzle together everyday. Youll know where all the right parts go. After you get it. Itll be a piece of cake. I run 5-6 hours on a 9 hr route. Thatll be your outcome.

I have to agree about usps being hell. That is what we call our office and usps as a whole. I have been there 25 years and other than meeting my husband there, I cannot say it was worth it. I have been injured at work and presently trying to go out on disability. The post office does not care about you or what you are going through. If you cannot do their "bidding" they want to get rid of you. I have already been affected by their illegal NRP process they tried in recent years and although it was found to be illegal,they are trying to do something similar to me again. I am very close to having to have lower back surgery and they want to try to force me to go against my doctor's restrictions. We'll guess what? Not this woman! I have already contacted a lawyer, labor board, eeo and filing a grievance. People who have NEVER worked for the post office do not understand why there is so much bitterness and hatred for this establishment. It is not the job itself, it is management all the way up the line that makes this hell. If management would just let me do my job and keep within my restrictions, I would have no problem. I love my job and helping customers but it is hard to do when almost every move is micromanaged. I tell you, if someone wrote a very truthful and raw book about the post office, they would never have to worry about ever having to work again. They would be climbing the ranks to being a millionaire +.

Amen. Its not the hard work thats bad. Ive done the up at 4 am to meet the truck and sort and throw and have the carriers stuff ready for them and then go run an office all day and leave at 6pm. Its tough but its thrilling. Its the fact that management and the upper management even do not care about you. They get more money if they pay less of you. So it goes from getting the work done and building up a sweat, to OH MY GOD IM BY MYSELF AGAIN AND THERE ARE 3,500 PEICES OF MAIL FOR ME TO SORT AND THEN I HAVE TO GET THE STORE OPEN ON TIME AND OH **** THIS MAN IS SCREAMING AT ME AND IM HERE ALONE HOW DO I GET BOX MAIL DONE ON TIME IF THIS LINE OF CUSTOMERS IS ALL THE WAY OUT TO THE ROAD ....HOW CAN I BE THREE PLACES AT ONCE!?!?!?!! And Im making half the wage with no benefits and no days off. Im quitting within the month. Ive promised myself that.

i agree..i am an RCA right now...been for 1 month...the absolute worst job i've ever was a culture shock for me follow proper training...high excuses...lots of respect...lots of whiners...i can go on...

They abuse the hell out of you. The threaten you, bully you, talking about you, call you a liar and a bad worker in front of everyone. I transfered to a different office and the postmaster was so angry she tried to hold me for 60 days...and found out that as a non career person she couldnt hold me. She started to cry and said she cant run her office without... SO WHY DID THEY TREAT ME LIKE A ******* SLAVE?! I transferred and the bosses are MUCH better where I am now, but I still have to run an office by myself with no help at all. A busy one too. Its just way too much to ask. Weve had people break into our blue boxes outside. Im terrified someone will rob me when im there alone. Its just not right. I feel bad for the city carriers that are expected to walk the streets past dark.

As an RCA your not promised anything except your guarentee'd day which is usually just 1 day a week. Anything more than that is a bonus. Doesn't sound like you talked at all to your union steward which would have prob ended all of the above complaints. If you didnt have a local steward, then you def have a state steward you could have contacted.

No, the local union anyway is usually in bed with the post office. Yes, you're not guaranteed anything, but its ridiculous what they do. Besides Amazon and USPS want to start delivering on Sunday now also.

Im so annoyed with insubordinate carriers & the Surepost/UPS/Readypost/FedEx & the carriers not wanting to get these delivered on time. I have cancelled my amazon account once & im still having the problem with the carrier making no attempt to deliver. I just refuse the pkg once it sits @ the P/O for awhile & get a refund & go buy the item somewhere else. So that cant be good for business. & carriers wonder why no one likes them.

I have been working as a CCA for about four months now and I like it. 15+/hr. Yes I work six days a week, but I've seen countless people becoming regular after only a year. All the complaining about how you're being treated and blah blah blah even though your a CCA there is a reason you pay the union! Any issues I've ever had I go straight to my lawyer (union Stewart) and he approaches management like a bulldog! The mail gets delivered when you deliver it yeah in the beginning you may tend to run a little late but supervisors can hold a truck plus any carrier will come out to help where I'm from we love that OT! The job is what you make of it! Now get to walking that DPS isn't going to deliver its self !

sounds like you and the usps are a perfect fit...congratulations!


Then you have a good union steward, lucky you. My union steward cant explain to me how and why my seniority (and several others) went from 18 to 74. And just so you know, the CCAs used to be TEs or something. They made 22 an hour. I knew one who was a pre-CCA for 6 years making 22 an hour and they promised her she would turn career very soon. Instead they abolished the TEs, cut her pay, and made her a CCA for 16 hourly. Hows that for incentive?

Well that is your experience! !!
I respect it. But that does not mean your situation will become everyone else's. Im sorry you feel that way. My opinion, you are talking with disappointment and some anger. In fact this is the 1st negative statement I've seen in months that I've been doing research. Of course there are pros and cons. But nothing like this. I think is a great opportunity you just got to analyze things through. And use negative facts in your favor. And learn to overcome anything. And I assure you you will succeed on anything you start to build. Respectfully.

Yeah, its that way with the phone co too. Usually, if they love the job,#1, they're a man,#2 they're in a higher paying position(like pm)#3 they'll do anything to keep the position or be promoted including get YOU fired. AND if it's the post office, #4 they have relatives working there.

the relatives thing is a biggy. The higher up you go the more they all know each other. They are all part of the same sick family, selling us out to businesses, leaving us clerks alone in the office all day which is why the lines are all the way out to road. They dont care about individuals and mail, they care about business. Ive worked double split shifts (in at 5:45 am, out at 9, in at 12 out at 2 back in at 4:45 and out at 6) and now that i Transfered I work 12 hour days 6 days a week running a busy office alone. EVERYDAY customers ask me why in the hell im there by myself.

I have worked for the USPS for 24 years. I started as a casual tractor trailer driver out of downtown St. Louis. A year later I was converted to TE carrier. A year later I took the PO exam, scored high because I practiced for 2 months. I was converted to PTF carrier. I carried mail 2 years. Then I transferred into PTF clerk into another office. I worked midnight shift in sectional center for 3 years. I bid on window clerk job and changed to day shift. I started to 204B and did that for 3 years. I applied and was selected as Supv in neighboring office. I Supvd Delivery and Clerks for 7 years then was promoted to Postmaster. I am now PM at a level 20 office and I am not going anywhere else. During my career I have worked in 10 diff offices with 100s of diff employees in various positions. I absolutely love my job. I love my employees because I can appreciate how hard their jobs are. Day in, day out. Its tough. I have never ever come across anyone disrespectful nor have I done anything extra to get where I am. I worked hard every day with a positive attitude and did not allow others to effect my day. You get what you give.
To the TE complaining about the new CCA positions.... that CCA position was a settlement determined by a neutral arbitrator. Neutral arbitrators are deciding everything between the unions and the USPS.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JOB AND I LOVE THE USPS!! It is a very frustrating organization, but EVERY job has its ups and downs.
I never understood why people take about the USPS like it is one big entity. The USPS consists of 500,000 people just like any business. It will be what ever you make of it. If you want to be negative, you will attract the same. Same with positive. I would do anything for my 18 employees, and them for me. So.... do not lump the USPS into one entity, because after 24 years, I still have yet to experience any of these types of people in this forum with in the USPS organization. Although I have only worked with a few hundred out of 600,000.
I am grateful for my job and I would not trade it for ANYTHING.

Thank you for writing this. I'm towards the end of interviewing and testing for a position at the post office. I read a lot of complaints but all jobs have there pros and cons.

My husband has been working as a CCA for 10 months now. And since he is a hard worker, his postmaster calls him in to work everyday. I don't know why the person who started this thread worked 2 to 3 times a week. It is a difficult job meaning the weather may not be helpful but you do what you have to do to stay warm or cool. And from what my husband says, the first two months are the hardest. It gets easier as you learn the routes and shortcuts. There is a supervisor that thinks she can intimidate the workers, but my husband ignores her and does what he has to do. He will hopefully become a regular soon, but it goes by seniority (what number you are on the list since you started). Good luck! Hopefully you have a good postmaster.

Exactly!!! The only enjoyable jobs are none, unless you like to work, which many people do not like to do. Very good points. I think that it is the person that makes the job good.

It is more complex than that, Mr. linear thinker.

Oh course you love it. . . you're part of the group who's reaping the big bucks, ready to retire or just waiting to retire.

well it sounds like you are a great postmaster...but i am sure you know that is not the norm...the usps def ain't for me....

hahahaha jesus! you must be in cahoots with my Manager and PM! pleeeaaaase! I joined the post office almost a year ago and I LOVE MY JOB! BUT I HATE MY MANAGER PM AND ALL THEE ABOVE!

Lets me set the record straight! I am a CCA I know that I have to work hard but for me to work as hard as I do carry a route plus 2 hours 6 days a week and be called in every Sunday and be threatened to be fired because I decide "Hey youve worked me non stop week after week I need a day off to hhmm I dont know wipe my *** or hey go to my doctor maybe get some new glasses that ive needed not they would help because you have me carrying mail in the hood when its pitch black outside and people are getting robbed and shot on this side of town every other day and night!" but one day kills you guys huh? Union Stewarts have their own lives and their jobs to worry about so yeah telling them gets nothing done! but for upper management to constantly screw me over STILL waiting on my uniform allowance and now its winter and yeah soooooo you loving your job is irrelevant try DOING your job! Make sure management is providing the help we need out there make sure people are getting fair time and realistic expectations make sure I have my uniform to wear and gear to protect so I can stop getting sick because the moment someone comes down with the flu YOU still expect them to show up correct??? But the worse part is being sent some where else no warning no papers no nothing just a call in the morning saying "youre to report to FROM NOW ON!" WTF! Like I stated before... I LOVE MY JOB! I hate the people who make it difficult for no ******* REASON other than their own personal enjoyment!

Last week i was out delivering parcels so my carriers could get home at a decent time at least one day. No not all management are like the managers you work for. I know what you feel like. I have worked for and with many idiots in the USPS. Still do. I started out as a casual (that was LOWER on seniority than a cca, and I made $8 per hour). Don't give up. Look for a transfer out. Find a smaller office that has a vacant CCA position.
I am required to call into a managers teleconference once per week. I listen to Supvs and PMs DEFENDING their employees everyday. And you know what District says? We don't care, do what we tell you or we will fire you too!! Not to me, but to other offices. Everyone is under pressure. Its rolling all the way downhill from WashDC. Just HANG IN THERE!!
I can not defend hateful managers, but I can tell you with 100% certainty, there are A LOT of good managers out there. Find a better office asap. Go to and look at other CCA posting that may be close enough to you. You can transfer to that office before they hire off the streets.
BTW... although I am not YOUR manager, i need to say THANK YOU! Managers hate the CCA position and the hourly pay as much as you guys do. You all deserve MUCH more per hour. You are our future.
Call union about not getting uniform allowance. Your PM needs to request your allowance on eBUY2.
Stay WARM, stay safe and healthy! Christmas will be over soon. Fill out a 3971 for 2nd week in Jan so you can rest. No one usually takes that week off. Submit to management. They have 72hrs to respond to your request (yes or no). If they don't respond, call steward.
Best Regards.... Judy

The same attitudes in the offices and on workroom floor as what is being said on this forum. USPS sucks..... Poor me.... I am the only one working hard.....My boss is mean..... I am not appreciated..yadda yadda.....
I prefer (and was raised) to ignore the nay-sayers and chart my own course. Negativity is like cancer and spreads like wild fire. I do not join the crowd or follow the herd. Your job and your attitude will be what you make it.
When my carriers are walking back in the door at end of the day at 6pm, I AM THE ONE WAITING FOR THEM AND clapping and cheering them on when they cross the finish line. I am helping them with their empty equipment and outgoing mail. I am praising them because honestly, some days i do not know how they pull it off, against all odds. They are safe, efficient and thorough.
A few days this past Dec 2014, we recvd our AM mail truck 3-4 hours late. Yep. That sucks and we COULD sit around and gripe about it for 4-5 more days. But the reality is, the employees at the plant are also working as hard as we are and unforeseen circumstances happen and things break down. Some days are out of our control.
Deal with it and move on. Recognize that the more we focus on the past, the more we lose in the present. Right now is the moment.
I spent many days as a casual (making $8 an hour) in St Louis marching through 18" snow in 10 degrees with wind gusts of 30mph carrying satchel, parcels and DPS in my frozen fingers. I cried from misery and exhaustion.
I just refused to lose. Not because of a mean boss or a mean co-worker.
But because of me. I wasnt the only one suffering. All the carriers that had worked before me survived it. For 100yrs. Horse and buggys. Pony Express. Pre-1973 they were making like 10 cents per hour.
If all those carriers could survive before me, certainly I was not going to let a little snow and wind beat me down and make me quit.
I see articles and pictures of what USPS employees had to deal with in history. Because of their legacy and hard work, I have this opportunity and their investment will not be lost on me. I will carry it on as best I can in honor of them.

Well said. I'm a CCA, about 2 months in. It's a lot harder than you would think. You're expected to do a route and a split and than help anyone who isn't going to make it back on time, but that's what was expected from the very beginning. They need flexible people who can work. It's exhausting, but temporary. I started at # 8 and am down to # 4 already. Stick to it.

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I'm sorry to hear all these horrible "war stories", as you all would call it. If people just did their job, and not get involved in any of the BS it would be fine. Try working at Safeway or in the retail industry. The post office seems like heaven compared to those jobs. Most if not all of you knew what you were getting into when you did. The internet might have been around or might not have, check that. Going back to retail business. You never get days off that you want. They are forever switching shifts work one day 3 P.M. get off at 12:00 A.M. be back at 10:00 A.M. Talk about a crappy work day. They have clicks there and management usually listen to the people they click with. Was with Safeway for over ten years still on part time. A person will not get full time unless someone passes away or retires, I know people that have been part time for 20 years. The retail business is the devil, and customers think they own you. Trust me your jobs could be worse.

Go sit in a hot lv for just 10 minutes in a 100 degree weather( more like 120) in the mail trucks, especially here with the high humidity, you will go back to your ac retail job, sitting and answering phones.


I need a job that i can make good money, a friend said POST OFFICE. so i have been applying for every mail carrier around and no luck. They say I did not post my felony BUT I DID. I made a definite point, because of their constant emails telling me i am not disclosing it!!!

Why are they doing this????

they do not hire people with felonies. No one really does anymore, especially the US government.

But they have many felons working at the Post Office

Felons, sociopaths, sheep, cretins...

They WILL hire someone with a felony. It largely depends on what it was for. When you list felony on your application, during your background check, human resources will consider whether your conviction applies to your trustworthiness (or liability) as an employee.
If you have paid your dues and you have shown for years that you have clean record, they will consider you if they feel your conviction does not apply to your employment.
If you do not admit and list your felony on application, and they discover during back ground check (which they will) you are automatically eliminated from hiring list.

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It's amazing to think that I'm not alone when it comes to working at a place called USPS (AKA Hell On Earth). I started working as a casual for the distribution center in Bell Gardens sometime in December. When I first started working there, everything seemed fine. There was a friendly atmosphere with the management. Especially with the MDO and the supervisors, but once few months went by, they started showing there true colors. Some of the managers began harass, manipulate, and humiliate us casuals. It would be rare when they would do it to regulars, but when they did, they would go to the union. I have been harassed to no end, but I would shut my mouth and do the job. After all, you gotta have thick skin and let nothing get to you right? As time went on, I was working all the assignments that nobody wanted to work. They were yelling at me telling me to go "faster". One of those situations, I was working in an unsafe working environment. When I needed days off, they needed "proof" for what I was taking off for. They would say things like "you're going to party" and "you're going out with your friends to get drunk!" I said "if I want to do that, I can do that and still come to the work the next day!!! Besides It's none of your business what I do outside my job." Went to the union and got my day off. I had to pick up my brother from track practice and one the managers said "you can turn in your badge, that may be your brother, but this is a job!" As time went on, it got to the point where I couldn't even look at my managers anymore. I thought to myself "10 dollars an hour to get a diet of abuse and disrespect 6 days a week?" I got terminated for doing refusing to do an assignment and yelling at her when I never refused to do anything. She lied. The final nail in the coffin was when they did not have my check. After making some phone calls I found out that my paycheck was sent to the distribution center. I called again and asked if my check was there and she was being rude and disrespectful to me on the phone. I told her " I should not have to come hunting for my paycheck. I may be young but I'm not stupid! If I do not have my paycheck in my hand, I will seek legal counsel!" She changed up her voice real quick. In fact she was whispering on the phone. Saying "I'm sorry. It Just might be in the wrong place. We will have your check on Monday. That's a promise." I'm going to pick it up Monday, If they don't have it, let's just say that they may have to pay me more than what was on that check. It's so easy to see why people end up "going postal" working for a place like this. SMH And they wonder why people want to go FEDEX or UPS.

You could have received a large settlement if you would have sued.

Are you even a USPS employee? You have no clue.
Actually no she wouldnt have got anything but her paycheck. She would have lost a lot more money retaining a lawyer, then the judge laughing her out of the courtroom and dismissing her frivolous case. Anyone that gets a paper check in the USPS is relying on the plant employees to correctly sort them into the correct tray or sack. Paper checks do not go through the machines. They are handled manually all the way from entering mail stream to getting to destination office.
So..... if you choose to rely on employees (like employees that are hateful and have it 'out for poor poor me') to handle/sort your paycheck correctly, that is the risk you take.
It is not the fault of the USPS as a whole, that your paycheck was mis-sent. It is the fault of an employee at the plant that either made an honest mistake in sorting, or made a malicious mistake in taking their resentment out on random innocent employees in delaying their paycheck.
You can easily solve this by going to liteblue and signing up for direct deposit and you will no longer have to wait on paper check. Your check stub (not money but stub) travels through automated machines until it reaches your address of record. But your money is already in your acct every pay day first thing, regardless of when you get your paycheck stub.

yup...sounds like the usps...its def not a job for the end of the day...finding the right job that suits who you are is key....i found out the hard way...

I was just let go as a TE letter carrier because the NALC and the PO came up with a new contract that replaced the hard working TEs with the new CCAs with lower pay. I do not intend to go back there as a CCA with a $7.00/hour pay cut. That is more that 20% less than what I made there. That is BS. To go back and get screwed over again? I think this time, there is really no guarantee of the hours. They have already gotten approval to flood our district with over 700 CCAs, to reduce the overtime to nothing. I am gone, halfway through my master's in teaching, and I am falling back on my office skills and software skills. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!

I agree. People these days post jobs that entail $12.00 a/hr!!! and swear up and down
This is good pay. However, this is only 24,960.00 a year, and after paying for your medical insurance, you fall below the poverty line. I think that everyone should display your annual income, before they say that it's good pay.

Katie, <br />
I am a 15 yr. PO vet ,also a 22 yr. military vet (70%disabled combat) my military career passed with out a blemish on my record,I was proud to be a soldier and I could hold my head up with pride due to the fact that I was a good soldier for 22 years. After 15 yrs with the PO I am sick every day it has affected my home life I have been written up so many times I've lost count ,when my supervisor tells me we need to talk which is always broadcast over the intercom system for the intire building to hear (700,000 sq feet of building and 350 fellow employees) I have gotten to the point that I don't speak to them I just grab the form sign it date it and throw it at them and say write what ever you want "I DON'T GIVE A F--K WHAT IT SAYS" and I go back to work .I have been walked out 3 times for clocking out for lunch at the posted scheduled time . This job is killing me I have let them take my pride and crush my soul. I never believed anyone owed me anything or that I deserved something special because I served my country but, I do believe that I didn't survive the 26 fragment wounds,11 bullet wounds ,and 6 stabbings to be smashed to a soulless heap of depression by some jackass who got his management position because they were afraid he might tear up some equipment or get someone hurt on the work room floor . And I know what your going to say "why don't you just quit" well that's easy ,The only thing I know how to do besides the mail is fight and there isn't much call for a 56 yr old warrior with PO induced depression . Best of luck to you ,R.D.

im so sorry Katie. I too am in a similar PO induced depression. I'm a 55 yr old letter carrier with one year and 7 months to make retirement. I too cannot quit because I'd lose my retirement. Just know sane people are thankful for your service, both in the military and with the PO. Most of our customers do appreciate us even if our managers never do. I want to give you encouragement, but considering the dismal morale among city letter carriers, at nearly all post offices, I simply don't know how to. If you have never experienced it, it's hard to explain the bullying and intimidation tactics we have to deal with everyday. I could tell you many horror stories that I myself have had to endure. It's sad, so sad. It threatens my sanity ...I will say this, know your contract. Managers will lie to you. Dois means nothing....Don't let them crush you!!! Learn how not to respond to their tactics. Recently I was told by my postmaster, that I hadn't done anything in the last 10 minutes. I responded angrily, which made her happy, because she got me to work faster. Anger is a response they want. Don't give it to them. Learn to deflect the negativity. At our age, a body can only go so fast. A fair days work for a fair days pay is all you have to do. I used to run. It was never, never ,never, fast enough. Now I simply cannot. My point is, no matter what you do, they will find fault.

usps is like the human gossip grape make any comment reaches the entire block by evening...what a depressing environment...very factory oriented

I am a PSE shop steward and am in some what of the same position you are in. i been working for the post office for about 6 months or so and it isnt all cracked up to what it is suppose to be. to me work should be fairly simple but for some reason every time i go to work there is always someone stirring up ****. Another pse is telling supervisors and shop stewards that i am verbally harassing her and they keep coming down on me, I am not sure what to do, it also dosent help the fact that the pse that keeps complaining has a relative who has been in the post office for 25 years and when ever something goes wrong she goes and crys to her mother. All i want to do is go to work enjoy being around some of my fellow co workers and then go home thats it any idea how i can avoid this crazy women. I already dont talk to her what else can i do

I am a PSE shop steward and am in some what of the same position you are in. i been working for the post office for about 6 months or so and it isnt all cracked up to what it is suppose to be. to me work should be fairly simple but for some reason every time i go to work there is always someone stirring up ****. Another pse is telling supervisors and shop stewards that i am verbally harassing her and they keep coming down on me, I am not sure what to do, it also dosent help the fact that the pse that keeps complaining has a relative who has been in the post office for 25 years and when ever something goes wrong she goes and crys to her mother. All i want to do is go to work enjoy being around some of my fellow co workers and then go home thats it any idea how i can avoid this crazy women. I already dont talk to her what else can i do

I thought I was very alone.I just quit a T.R.C job because of someone of the problems posted here. I was working at Mt.Airy,Maryland where stress ran all threw that post office. I was the first-cough-victim to take the job and stay there for a long while, The first hint I should have notice was the last person to stay there was over six years ago !.<br />
The Boss is a young guy who throught I should be able to come inright off the streets and case and run the route just like a regular.When I didn't and left things behind he would come over to me or send someone else to see what I was leaving behind. Every Monday I would work the woman would come over to see what I was leaving the day I was there the woman was there and didn't even come over.All I could think of was what a joke. Oh did I mention that the clerk who was there (monica) started to go back and tell what I was bring back.... Even went so far to look in the truck to see what I was leaving behind. I called down to Baltimore office and the man down there you have not been the first.<br />
AS for making reg.You wont. I was told there not making anyone reg. any more the too ladies where I had work took ten years yes your reading right .Tenyears before they made regs.The Post Office made me want to stay in college and the last things I said was thank you for reminding me to stay in college. I'm telling anyone dont go to the POst office to work.

i soo agree...

I have worked for the post office for 16 years and I've seen the steady decline of this place thanks to management and the union. For 10 years of my 16yrs, I've been a part time regular. Now thanks to the new contract, the union and management agreed to, part time regular jobs are now eliminated. I will be force to work full time, not an option for me. I thought the post office was broke. I thought an employee who wanted to work part time could save the post office money by working part time. I still don't understand why my union pushed for this and management agreed to this. On top of that, management in my office has managed to bring morale to an all time low. Ask anyone working there and the answer is the same.Management doesn't care about the employees at all. They don't care if the job is done right or wrong, as long as it looks good on paper. They gossip about other employees and their business. They lie to us and they are quick to threaten and disciple before getting all the facts to straightening things out. They seem to have some respect for some but manage to bully and disrespect most. Once they have formed an opinion about you , you are that person forever in their unwise minds. I could go on but I just want to get out. I need to quit soon , cause as I stated before, I will be force to work full time when I can't. How do I start the quitting process? Will I get any of my tsp money back? How long does the quitting process take? (I heard months) Do you think writing letter to the postmaster about whats going on in my office a good idea after I quit? Thanks, unhappy in Madison.

After working 16 years for the USPS, I would think you would know to ask the union or human resources about resignation. Most people wait years to get full time positions. I would be thrilled if someone offered me a full time position.

im a pse in the post office it a good jobs, when they hire the pse for the branches they shoulder told us in orienation that we had to take other tests to be eliblige to stay with the post office. In if you dont pass these test the postmaster can let you go, why this wasnt told before we get the jobs. I feel that not right. Someone need to complaint about it to the post office union if i know how to contact the washington i will jobs is to hard to find and everybody need a job.

I wouldn't hire you considering your speech and grammar is poor! I'm not surprised that you didn't pass the test, and I don't see how you even made it through high school. You shouldn't live so democratically and feel that everyone owes you something. A little advice, go back to school!

Have you read many of the comments on this thread? People who have been working for ten years or more for the USPS can't spell or write a coherent sentence.

If there is a working at the Post Office.I was a letter carrier for about seven years ...I recently quit that damn job. The pay is good, but the stress and aggravation that you go through is not worth it. Everyone there from mail handler to Supervisors live on nasty gossip. The women are jealous of the younger prettier women..Management treating people like dirt and playing favorites..People getting over..there are people that take off years ..years!!! and then come back to work like nothing happened..People faking injuries to get does not care if you have children, or a sick parent, all they care about is you delivering that mail, even under a storm! 89 % are drunks and drink on the job.. The post office will change you as a person and not for the better.Not to mention the physical and monotonous a factory of nutjobs! yes it pays the bills but I rather be sane and stress free than being a prisioner of the PO..i quit and now I can breathe! are soo dead on...

I am 24 and Wow I felt like there was something wrong with me for feeling the same way as you all... I complain about it all the time, I started in May of this year and it took me a few years to finally get on, I'm a PSE Clerk and I HATE it now! The first month was great but now everyone is so bitchy and lazy and thinks they need to boss me around and they're not a supervisor or manager at all... just because they're older and have worked there longer I guess they think they can do what the hell they want. I get plenty of hours in and love my checks but I don't know if all the stress is worth it. My hubby works there too but in a different town and they have screwed him around on his check since he started last month and it's causing so many problems between paying bills and daycare. We were both unemployed before these jobs besides him doing his mechanics and I do photography on the side, we were NEVER ever this stressed or unhappy. We never see our kids and it's hard planning things around 1 day off a week, there is never a day to just relax with my husband and kids and I miss being home with them :( I'd really love for the post offices to all shut down, at this point I could care less. Everyone in my family wonders why I'm bitching all the time saying it's a good paying job and they're right about that but that is it! They have no idea what goes on inside. I've also been a little tempted to wanting to try to become a carrier, they seem like they're in a lot better mood and plus their schedule seems so much better, I work a split and HATE IT!

The last thing you would want to do is be a carrier. It sucks being outside in ALL weather conditions. It's great money but say goodbye to your life as you know it. I just quit today after getting screwed once again. I'm going back to school and feel so relieved.

2 years and I hope not counting, im going back to college

I hear ya.<br />
<br />
We have choices.<br />
<br />
How many years do you have in?

I've wrote my own version of the post office story and I think I might be putting it on here soon if I can find it

I'm only 22 and I feel like I've just ****** my life up all the way to hell by working here

yes, try getting $300.00 for 2 weeks and see if you can pay your bills that are over $400. I have to borrow money from family and friends just to buy gas to do the ******* job. I am sick and tired of it!

That's crap money. I would find something else

Hi,<br />
<br />
I have 18 years federal service and transferred 6 years ago as a ptf letter carrier. This was in order to get off third shift.<br />
<br />
Didn't know the boss was a hostile man with Napoleon Syndrome. <br />
<br />
Long story short- I'm dealing with the repercussions of my actions to expose him as creating a hostile work environment. I'm not the first who has done this. There are 2 other women who have done so. He hates women.<br />
<br />
Anyway, a couple years ago the ptf's were making overtime. Now we might be on the schedule 1 to 3 days per week. <br />
<br />
The time away from the hostile environment is good but it's difficult to do without the paycheck.

Unlike you I am having to wait for a better job to come along before I can quite. I think I'm getting close and I can't wait.

You made a wise choice! I ******* hate the post office too and everything you said in this is right but I haven't got to quite like you have yet so I am pissed off all the time. I only get one day a week though. It is the most ****** up job I have ever had.