No. It didn't say that. But no, it did. Let me enuciate. " Our Ice Brewing process produces A Rich, Smooth taste, that's (R)emarkable, Easy To Drink ( The comma after Remarkably was mine).

Remarkably easy to drink? That's a ******* selling point? So is Schmitty Ice, if you drink a couple. And that's about the worst I've drank, aside from MIlwaukee's Best, and Lucky's. Ug, Lucky's. Gross. Too sweet. But remarkably easy to drink? Peppermint Scnapps is remarkably easy to drink after awhile! WTF? The most remarkable thing abut it is I'm able to drink it. Is that what you want to say of your product, to an old soak, beer drinker like me? I buy beer daily. That's your advertising campaingn? Look, I'm not a rich young ad executive, I'm a beer buyer. Get your head right. I want sex, fun. In that order. Both together would be nice.

That's the problem with beer advertisments these days. They're aimed at the rich young. Sure, they drink. But not as much as those poor old drunks like me! They don't spend half as much! Target them with your Stella Artrois. Your Guiness. We don't drink them!. We don't care! I'll drink my Shcmitty. I'l drink my Mlwaukee's You're catering to the wrong crowd. We want our beer cheap and plentiful. 

Remarkably easy to drink? Like we give a ****. we're buying Ice beer for one reason. To get drunk, and, hopefully, to get that **** we've known for years to **** us, who cares if she's married.

Socklord Socklord
31-35, M
Mar 13, 2010