I Hate This Saying Too

I don't understand why people tell you this, it just drives me crazy. I never say it to others with the hope that maybe they'll notice and learn from me. Honestly, some of those amazing times of my life where when I felt sad or somewhat depressed, even if there wasn't any external factors contributing to the way I felt. It's somewhat difficult to explain, but maybe some folks out there will understand how I feel when I say that there's comfort and contentment that comes along with being sad. Another thing is that even if I'm sad, I don't let it hold me back; I still go to work and get on with my life and such.

A lot of the times I think that other people just tell you this because it ruins their experience or something, which bugs me as well. It makes me feel like I'm supposed to be this dancing monkey for them, as if I'm supposed to be just happy, outgoing, etc just for their pleasure. I can actually understand that to a certain degree, for example if someone is angry they have a higher chance of hurting my feelings, but the difference is that when I'm sad/depressed I don't snap at people or treat them with disrespect, I just come off somewhat "slow" I guess you could say. Personally I'd rather spend time around sad people, which sounds funny at first, but in my experience people who are more sad and admit it, I feel like I really connect with them on a deeper level then really "happy-go-lucky" type folks. Obviously I have nothing against happy people, I am more referring to a "persona" if you know what I mean. But yes in short, I hate this saying and it actually makes me lose a little respect for anyone who says it to me UNLESS my sadness is actually hurting their feelings in a way.
MatthewGuitar MatthewGuitar
22-25, M
Jan 7, 2013