Another Bad Recommendation

Had a friend tell us to watch the show. I made it through the first three episodes and I hate Hollywood right now

 Can they not come up with a single original idea anymore. This show is a rip off of the Masquerade game and is so predictable it's disgusting. The Bill character being the poor vampire who is so stereotyped as the brooding troubled bloodsucker has been so overdone that you would think the writers would have spoken up at some point to try something new.

Now the support cast is also nothing new the angry black woman the dim witted over sexed brother  the nympho waitstaff of the bar and the gay guru cook are the Hollywood norm within an overused formula

As for the main character, the blonde southern bimbo who can read minds... Anna Paquin should have her Oscar taken away for even taking the role

This show is another example of Hollywood seeing the media hype a concept (Twilight) and carbon copying the idea into all there "new" half assed seasonal line ups

To any who like this I have one question: What medication are you taking to stay awake through the drawn out slow drag that this show seems to be plagued with?

Even the title graphics drag forever




dasmuggler dasmuggler
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7 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Vampires are not what they used to be anymore. It just feels over done and Twlight made it worst. Hollywood needs to give someone esle a chance! Just as long as it's not a vampire or a werewolf!

True blood is truely a sleeping pill! The Story is below flat and uninteresting, even the sex is gross. People who watch true blood are either sick or don't have enough sleeping pills.

I can understand this feeling. It's just a boring soap opera.

It's not working.

His career died and he's trying to bring it back as a vampire

This is one reason I'm glad I don't have HBO anymore. Sadly, Alan Ball did a really good job on "Six Feet Under". What happened?!?!

I would rather watch the 5th season of Battlestar than True Blood I'm glad I only made it thru 3 of them