More Crap On Tv

I haven't seen the show, but I did see a minute and 24 seconds of a clip and it sucked.  Ugh.  I told Dasmuggler I'd post this HBO forum write-up for him:

With the exception of a few of its cast, the acting is terrible, the directing haphazard at best, plot content weak and uninspired, continuity skoppy and sub par, in short, a slow visual and intelectual trainwreck of a show.

I really would enjoy an intelligent tv drama about vampires with a much greater level of plausability, than the ridiculous leaps of faith and suspended disbelief that this series requires of me.

Schedulled opposite of the much better 'Dexter', True Blood relies way too much on gratuitous sexual content to capture the interest of a viewer demographic, I would rather not be part of.

Again, I would very much like to one day see the cultural phenomenon of vampire lore truly well represented in a trascendent manner, not one that caters specifically to current trends and lack of imagination. The character of the vampire deserves far better representation than its current parody of new age, and overly cliched exposure.

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I am sorry, I can't stand watching Vampire shows! <br />
<br />
At 56, I know it's only a show, but there is something <br />
<br />
there that to me is terrifying!