I Hate the Sound of Music: how to deal with it!

Hi There,

Nice to know that there are actually people who share the same experience, why TSOM make our lives a living hell. We found a cure to this! It is a bit of selftorturing kind of activity, but it brings the best relief,  beyond your imagination! 

Watch this dreadfull movie, I know it sounds impossible, it's very hard, so be sure you have plenty of alcohol to wash away your sorrow. Once you finished watching, you can start to make this the most beautiful day of your life:

Just follow these simple steps:

- mutilate the DVD cover
- Decapitate Julie Andrews head from the DVD disc and hammer or screw it back.
- Put the disc in a microwave for a few seconds, be sure you kill every bit and byte that's on it!
- Hold the disc above a burning flame, so it catches fire slowly
- Put the disc back in the box, pin  it down on top of a wooden basket filled with woodcurls and flammable materials, drenched in lighter fluid. Say your payers to Satan and put it on fire, enjoy  the show!!!!

- When it is completly burned, put the remains in a can and put it six feet down, treat it like chemical waste!


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Mar 21, 2009