How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

Gag her with a sock.

I HATE this Musical/movie so much! Arrrgh! *ventrantvent*

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Sorry, Omar, I'm not understanding you. Are you saying that the fact that it was *based* on the story of a family fleeing the Nazis somehow excuses the inanity of it? Are we "dippos" because you have an alternate opinion about the film?<br />
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I am well aware of the *true* story of the Von Trapps, having stayed in their lodge in Stowe Vt and being inundated with the story. I can assure you that they did not burst into random song at every conceivable (and inconceivable) cue.

LOL Flammetta!!! (Chicks and Ducks and Geese better scurry before I get out my shoulder-mounted rocket launcher...)

I feel the same way about musicals, DiscoveryChick. Honestly, a hell where one is forced to sit with their eyes forced open, Clockwork Orange-style, watching corny musicals for all eternity (the song "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" always factors into this horrific fantasy of mine - shudder) would be far worse for me than any circle of hell that Dante ever dreamed up. Nooooo!

LOL Nazis in the Sound of Music?? NOOO! <br><br />
Wow.<br><br />
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Actually I don't like musicals, period. I roll my eyes every time someone bursts into song. This comes from years of enforced community theater.<br><br />
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Andrew, I believe the song Eidelweiss is quite pretty, and in the context of celebrating the simplicity and beauty of a small white flower (and its formerly lovely mother country) in the midst of heinous war crimes, it is a profound and lovely moment.<br><br />
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One of my favorite pieces of trivia is when Julie Andrews is on top of the mountain, arms outspread, singing her heart out...the propellor wind from the helicopter from which she was being filmed kept knocking her flat to the ground.

You know what I've noticed? Whenever I tell people that I don't like to watch any movies with Nazis in them so I won't watch The Sound of Music again they invariably gasp, "there were Nazis in The Sound of Music? No way!" What, does all the schmaltz and singing make those Nazis just fade into the background for people?!

Awwww...<br />
*smiles and abandons plans for "Operation Rocker" on AP*

Hahhaha...true. Let them fluff each other to death.

HAH! I hear ya. But, the arrogant ***** and pollyanna freakazoid deserve each other so...justice is served. They are each other's fitting revenge for their own very individual inanity.