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I currently live in Greenville SC, I hate it, and I have always hated it since my family move down here from Ohio in 1994. I am everything what the south is not (atheist, anarcho-communist, hate cars, and hate country music) but also would say what America is not but especially the south. I also know that many people in the south would want me out and hopefully I well be able to get out again soon.

I did live outside of the south when I live up in New York from 2006 until 2009. I would still be up there but my wife left me and the only place I could go to was my mother who lives in SC. I wish I could stay up there but I had not where to go and I did not have the money to live on my own. I love it up there though I wish I were closer to NYC (I was about 50 miles away and it was about 20 bucks for a ticket on the LIRR).

So anyway, I should be out of the south sometime next year and back up in New York and nearer to NYC. I hope that others that hate the south and are living down here will someday be able to get out and live in a place that makes you happy. Life is too short to be in a place that you hate and make you miserable.

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I read your piece socialgood and I have to say I found it funny. You and I are near polar opposites. I have relatives that live in a few areas of SC and I really like the Southern quality of life. The weather is comfortable most of the year and hot in the Summer, nothing I have never been exposed to before in my life. The people are nice, you will find jerks everywhere but no more in the South than anywhere else I have experienced. The food in the South is really good. People love their football, their religion, their guns, it has a more of an in your face attitude about their freedom and independence. I love it!

I am here about 8 miles from the North shore of Long Island right across from Greenport, NY. The taxes up here are crazy expensive, the weather half the year is just nasty, people are quiet, reserved and don't extend themselves for anyone. Its congested in many areas up here, I am a conservative republican so in a place like Connecticut I am not the typical resident. I like religion, guns, and a sense of being left alone from governmental interference. I feel that if given a chance Democratic governmental influences would track everyone for the simplest most benign issues. I have felt this way for a number of years but with the current administrations both on the national and in a number of blue states it seems much more an issue. Your beloved NYC is in the middle of Bloomberg who wants to limit your salt, soda, breast milk for new borns, your trans fats in food and other things as well. I like to be able to determine how much salt and soda. I think its up to my wife or gf as to whether she wants to use breast milk or infamil on a newborn, not an over reaching mayor full of power dictating what HE wants superceding the decisions of a new mom and her doctor. Also for him to dictate how many bullets a firearm can hold at any time. If I want to get a firearm with the capacity to hold 10 rounds, that is illegal in NYC, the limit is 7 rounds. If I target shoot or deer hunt, as long as I have a history of doing everything asked of and required of me by the law and I don't break the law, I should be left alone. If the government is so concerned about guns and gun safety, perhaps they might want to enforce the laws already on the books and be more effective in screening people with mental problems and their direct family members so those with mental problems at any time get access to firearms as what happened in Newtown, CT. That mother who went shooting with her disabled son was playing with fireand tragically she and many others lost their lives to wrecklessness.

I like your post and I would probably get along very well with you in the real world.
I am originally from Virginia and I spent my summers in North Carolina ( Laurinburg) and South Carolina (Aynor, Conway, Myrtle Beach and Lake View).
I love South Carolina and everything about the South.

I can relate to all of that, being raised in a rural part of Ohio and as country/farmboy as can be, and then moving to Mississippi in 2006, I have found that the only people that are nice here are people who are at least 40 years old (older generation) and that people my age (20's) are generally stuck up and selfish and materialistic. Especially the women here..especially the women..they are generally cold hearted and only pay attention to you if you have money and/or have drugs to share with them. Other than that you are considered a piece of garbage and can go pound salt for all the care..just my .02. Doesnt mean that everyone's experience of living in the south is this bad..just mine.

Southern bible-thumping Republicans don't believe in leaving people alone. If they did they would not support laws against marijuana or gay marriage. Indeed, many counties in Arkansas are dry - these "small government" conservatives don't think you should even be allowed to drink if you want to. Southerners are also constantly pushing Christianity on everyone else (despite the fact they don't tend to follow the bible themselves). That also flies in the face of the idea of small government and leaving people alone.

Not all places in the South are against gays, dry counties or against pot. Kentucky is the 2nd largest grower of pot in the country. Moonshine has experienced a resurgence in popularity in the last 5 or so years. Laws have been loosened to where its easier to get access to it than in many decades. If you are so longing for a looser religious experience, I would go to Atlanta or some other large place because cities are ways more open to scorn a d ridicule of institutions within society. Another place to thumb your nose at Southern/conservative culture is life in a town that is small but has a liberal arts college that has a big enough influence in the town to make the place more tolerant to your (subversive) way of thinking. Your vaunted liberal bastions are around, you just have to know where and how to look for these things. One place I might look into in Athens, GA. It has a triving art community, it has a Univ of Georgia there so you liberal thinking kids who are more accepting and permissive to many of the things you value.

I personally am happy places in the US arent as open to want and allow subversive societal things permiate every corner of the US. I have been living in Connecticut for the vast majority of my life and the ridiculous PC environment, that I have witnessed along with the Northeast liberal mindset, it bothers me because you cant seem to do anything without government getting in your way or people putting their two cents into things where they dont need to be.

Is pot legal in KY? Anywhere near becoming legal? I didn't think so. You're right, not all parts of the South are dry, but it doesn't change the fact many are (especially when compared to the North or West) all while Southern Conservatives drone on about "limited government." They also tend to complain about large government handouts, all while receiving things like farm subsidies (indeed, some Southern politicians complain about big government while not only voting for farm subsidies, but actually cashing the checks themselves). The fact there are pockets of exceptions to so-called "small government conservatives" - who are not actually in favor of small government for the reasons mentioned previously - does not change the fact the majority of the South claims to be about limited government when in reality they interfere in the personal lives of individuals on a daily basis.

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I am sorry you ever had to move to the south .... born and raised here and trying to get out and Greenville is awlful

And yes take all your Marxist friends with you.

I'd rather live in poverty in the North, than in complete luxury in the South. Idiot, bible belt inbreds....

Seriously. Some of the trashiest people I have ever met are from the south.

Seriously, without question some of the most trashy people I have ever laid eyes on are from the tri-state region, NY, NJ and CT.

Oh, I believe it. The east coast is brutal. I guess that's why Florida and the south sucks even more, because of the trash that they attract. So I stand by what I said. I've met some decent people from the North, and the most friendly people in the Midwest. The South is just the worst. The most rude, the worst hygiene, terrible eating and exercise habits, bad drivers, and all around awful people. Do not want.

I take it back. East Coast people aren't any meaner than people in the south. They're just more upfront and honest about it. People in the south smile in your face and then stab you in the back. That is far more mean than anyone from the East Coast.

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You should leave.We don't take too kindly to you people either.

Please don't for any reason change your mind...leave as soon as possible. We, like your wife, are happier without you. It's not's us, so please don't hesitate and leave your keys on the kitchen table on the way out.

I Hate South Carolina with all my Hearth specialy the stupid, Igonorant People of Columbia South Carolina, I have never been in a Place like this in my life, I'm paying for all of my sins. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I totally agree with you, and me like you I'm leaving the South pretty soon and my belly gets all exited when I think about it. I think I will trow up in the State border as soon as I cross over. <br />
<br />
Good Luck to You.

New England and California knows why they are slower, than the rest of us. They change up there accents, but they still think slower. I know my friend said in Colorado they always say these southerners aren't fooling anybody. Especially in NYC.

I am a yankee. I heard that after the civil war is when there mindsets became slow. Most of them are fool of hate and envy. Not the true ones who don't try to pretend they are us. Yah they have a lot of wannabes in the south. No matter what they will always be a southerner. The ones who have actually traveled, and aren't a shamed of what they are. Who are aware that the south is on a much slower pace no matter how hard they try to use an energy drink, coffee, and change up their voices. They still are never ever going to be on our pace.

Matthew Mcconaglhey you know the actor from Austin Texas. Reba Macntire. Rene Zelweger, joel olsteen. faith hill, are some of the normal southerners. The problem with the south is. They think they can grow up and mimic us. I have a friend who is writing a book on this. I study biology and psychology. Its all true what I have stated. I know others who want to get away from these people . It isn't the ones who are true southern bells and gentlemen. Its the southerners who act fake , they are really just rude and they operate in pure ignorance.

Thanks Spenglish 2008. and Social good. Others should know what they are getting their selves into. Unfortunately most of the people down south, don't understand that their are different kinds of people. They think in a cultish mindset, and anything that is different and uncomfortable to them. That they cannot handle makes them retaliate. Its called slavery mentality.

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Hey I'm good with that... it's gettin' kinda crowded down here any ole ways. Best to ya darlin' :D

not everyone in the south is the stereotype of their geographical region. i live in texas (anymore south and you're in another country). i'm a liberal who borderlines on anarchism, i dont believe in god, country music sucks *** (with the exception of johnny cash and willie nelson), and while i do love my little car, i am not a fan of large, gas guzzling suvs. i like where i live. but if you are unhappy in your current surroundings, then it sounds like a move would be in your best interest. i hope you find your way back to new york :)