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Until a few days ago this was the best site on the web as it was full of people, not bots and spammers. But now they have found there way in, I have been offered drugs for my erection problems (I don't have a penis tthat needs to be kept errect!) and today a someone pretending to be a girl in Africa has asked me to help her get millions of dollars out of her country. I am not stupid, I don't need your adverts and spam, go away! This site will now go downhill very quickly unless EP can do something really simple - put a 'report member' feature in the system which allows us to very quickly and very easily tell them that we are being harrassed and that this member should be removed. If EP can do this all we be good, if it can't or thinks about it for a month then this is the beginning of the end for a fantastic site. Kel
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I total agee with you

Some of you are missing the point, its not going to my email account, they don't do any real harm, just annoying people that are not clever enough to convince most half sensible people to 'send them money'. My point was not 'oh eck I need something to clean up my email account', my point was 'why can't we use a site and send messages to people without people trying to scam us all the time'.

I haven't received any spam or encountered any bots from EP, or whilst surfing EP. Keep your mail, spam-and-virus-free by using MailWasher (<BR>MailWasher controls your email program and allows you to view your mail prior to download. Best of all, MailWasher allows you to BOUNCE the nasty email right back to where it came from!! - thus making your email address look like it is invalid. <BR>Keep up good practices such as never placing your email address with the @ symbol on any publically accessible or poorly-moderated forum. <BR>Spammers use bots to harvest email addresses by the 1000's per hour, running through websites and forums. Once your address is logged by bots, you'll get spam and viruses in the mail constantly.<BR>I have used MailWasher for 4 years and rarely receive spam, and have never had a virus downloaded yet, even though they try. <BR>MailWasher allows you to mark mail as "friend", "spam", or "bounce" - and you can blacklist senders. <BR>Its great! - you can get a copy for free, if you don't mind advertising banners - or you can get the full version for about US$30. <BR>I do not work for MailWasher or get any kickback from them, I'm just a very happy user who had a previous computer virtually made useless by spam and viruses.<BR>In fact, I no longer run ANY anti-virus programs - they are a waste of time and money, and try to take control of your computer, and slow it up dreadfully. I only use Windows Security, SpyZooka spyware program, and UniBlue Registry Booster. <BR>Its more important nowadays to have programs that pick up spyware and adware rather than viruses, as spyware and adware is more subtle and obnoxious than viruses.<BR>Also - watch out for the nasty people who try to sell you anti-spyware programs that are scams! They run semi-legit businesses (mostly from Russia) and they have good websites, that are very impressive. WinSpy Control is one - these people are BAD PEOPLE!! <BR>They sell you a program that is purportedly an anti-spyware program - but all it does is load TEN TIMES the amount of spyware on your computer - that then keeps producing pop-ups, warning you that you NEED to buy ANOTHER one of their scammer programs!! <BR>These people need to hunted down and shot like the scumbags they are. Be alert and suspicious at all times - the 'net is full of scammers, hoods, thieves and con-artists. <BR>I have been worked over by a few of them, and they are VERY clever!! The worst one was a Jap who conned me into handing over money for a non-existent Sony camera, after spending THREE weeks chatting me up, providing business info, including references, phone numbers and fax numbers. <BR>Naturally, they were all bogus, as phones, faxes and business premises can all be hired and vacated in a matter of hours. <BR>Always do a Google search, when you're suspicious - its your best friend. If someone has ever pulled a scam, it will be listed somewhere, mostly on public forums.

glad you pointed that out, but i wonder how many people in this day and age are actually dumb enough to fall for the requests to help "people" in a far away place raise/move money...then again, the world is full of dolts

how do they get to you?<br />
I don't get any. all my stuff is marked adult, maybe that keeps them out.<br />
if it is email, just set up a rule to block them at the server.<br />
we got rid of ALL viagara mail that way.

i have never received a spam mail from ep or anyone in ep

The one's from Africa, mainly Nigeria, are typically phishing. You can report them to the police. You can usually find a web address for the police to forward to. In Canada it is which is the RCMP. In the US you can file a complaint to the FBI at<br />
<br />
No I am not a cop. I just hate this activity too.

'how can they spam into EP ?'<br />
<br />
I guess they just join and then send messages to people. If people stopped falling for the spam mails and stopped clicking the links spam would reduce massively.

I haven't recieved any spam in my EP mailbox . . . I used to get tons in my work email box but diligent sending of to the junkmail file finally cut it down to one a day . . . how can they spam into EP ? ? ? . . . sturmbringener wants to know . . .

EP has begun working on a report member feature as of yesterday. We hope to have this feature up as soon as possible, to help keep spammers out of EP. For now, please report the spam to the Experience Project account. The user responsible for the Nigeria spam has been deleted. Please send a message to me or the experience project account telling us the user name of the viagra spammer so we can remove that account as well.

I got the one from Africa, too! For hundreds of dollars we can help her and certain people out! H3ll, for hundreds of dollars I can pay my bills, and help MY OWN family out!