I Don't Mind Those Who Will Understand. It's The Obdurate People In Their Ego Pretentious Bias Attitude

I don't mind those who will understand. It's the Obdurate People in their Ego Pretentious Bias Attitude that want 100% and saying there isn't any excuses. When in this life there is excuses for a lot of things for not always being perfect. I do try. But there are those I have come across here that where totally Obdurate Pretentious and Bias about it. If someone saw some errors and just told me to look out for them and how to find the correction. That's OK.  But when I tried to do my best and get Obdurate Pretentious and Bias people telling me there isn't an excuse. I'm going to ignore them with resentment. They are an irritation to me as well.

Like I said on here before. I don't have this spell checker working or have the resources to spend more than hours, when I like to get a bit of communication out here or there. If I have a few mistakes I had to worry about. I could be a mute person and no one would know nothing of me. I can at least get someone to know at least 50% of me more than nothing at all. So I'm not going to worry about the small mistakes. I'm trying to do my best. Those who respect that, also get my respect.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Feb 19, 2010