F You Sun

Summer is approaching, the days are getting longer, it’s hot and the sun is out shining like never before. People keep telling me ‘it such a nice day today’ and I tell them to go eat ****.  The sun is like a vampire to me, just sucking me dry. The moment I step outside my head and eyes start boiling. I have really bright green-grey eyes which probably let in a lot of light making me squint and not being able to see anything even when i use sunglasses. I get dizzy, confused, moody and sleepy, I hate that. You know what makes me NOT dizzy, moody and sleepy? Rainy days. A pair of huge clouds telling the sun to go f-uck himself.
I’d rather drown (and I really find drowning terrifying) than dehydrate to death. I’d rather freeze to death (think most people will agree on this one) than burn to death.
I love to go outside when it’s raining! I can walk barefoot, and I feel clean and wet, and the sound of rain is just amazing.
But I’m not getting any of that right now, so pardon me my attitude. The sun is boiling my head, and the next f-ucker to tell me ‘it’s a nice day’ will get my laptop across the face. 
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7 Responses May 20, 2012

LOL....you're funny as hell and I totally agree with everything you said!

oi totally right sister! what a most annoying jerk the sun is, i personally hate to be outside around 11:00-18:00 hours when the sun is up there high and hot for everyone to be annoyed by it, its something very suffocating to witness on the city, with the traffic and people irritated and everything feeling sickeningly revolting.<br />
<br />
thought i was the only one hating the sun, so thank you for posting your story girl, night and cloudy are the only times im happy to be outside, nothing more relaxing that big dark clouds about to brake into rain above you hey?

hahaha I wrote a post with the exact same title and wrote a similar story about people asking me "if im having a lovely day in the sun".. nice to see others like me!

I totally agree with you. I live in Texas so it gets UNBELIEVABLY hot. I can't even go outside for 5 minutes without breaking a sweat. I agree with you on rainy days, so much better. Hell I even like snow days more.

Yes yes, I know exactly how you feel. And I'm hurting real bad because i live in Sunny California where it's always bright and Sunny. You hardly ever see clouds here. One week of rain in the winter, and then 51 weeks of summer. We had heat waves in OCT, NOV, DEC, JAN, FEB, I threw my shoe at the weather man on t.v. the other day, he kept going on what beautiful day it was.<br />
Yes, the Sun really affects me in many different ways and areas. But, i'll stop now.

lol, i can just imagine the faces of the people right after you tell them to eat ****. priceless. i think its very important to be upfront. awesome. absolutely agree on rainy days being better. not to mention greens stand out more on overcast days. i cant stop thinking of how my eyes melting would be...

I hate that I always agree with people when they say how lovely it is. I'm a lot older than you and all I've learnt is how to lie effectively. I know when I go into work tomorrow everybody will be talking about what a great weekend it is. It's like there's so many conversations that I'm only pretending to join in. I'm sick of it.