I Am Getting Tired Of Majority Popular Media Incantations For The Sun

I live in Aberdeen, Washington. It is suppose to be more Cloudy and Rainy. Even Snow this time of year. But it is Not! It's been 50% / 50% so far this January on the Weather. Almost more Clear and Sunny if a few more days come about right now.

As I continue to keep trying to be checking the Weather from the News. And the Weather Forecaster's are doing more than offering the Weather Forecast. They Incant-ate (Yes! Like Chanting and Pleading for ... ) ... for the Clear Skies and for the Sun. (I sometimes think it works ... (???) ... ) ... Very very Annoying to me.

Why does people have to be the most in this attitude at being the same for the Weather, for taking up every place on this Planet Earth and want it Clear and Sunny everywhere? Where is the Balance in this World?

Many people live where it's Clear and Sunny and I moved to a place for the Cloudiness and people here can't accept this balance. Wanting it Clear and Sunny everywhere on this Planet Earth. That is not Balance!

I would think it best if people want clear and sunny weather, that they go Move and Live where it is that in other places on our Planet Earth instead!

Who wants the North and South Poles to be a Sahara Desert? Every place on Earth has its Diversity and that is Balance!

I like people who accepts Balance and Diversity. Not everything as a Stereotype and One Way Genre Likes On Life! And that everyone has to go by Standards of Popular Views with this Life!

Give (Us) others in the Minority some Respect in this World! I would Appreciate That!
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I have to Avoid the Weather News. It has become their chant for the Sun all the time and every day now. Ridiculing every Cloud they notice in the Sky, each and every Day! Each and Every Day! So Annoying! I like to go to those Weather Casters and Belt them with my Fist! Smack them in the Face! For being so narrow minded about Life.

Completely agree!!!