I Cannot Imagine A Full Day On The Beach

As a kid my entire family would go on vacation in the summer time to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  They'd get their bathing suits on, towels and beach chairs and then sit directly under the sun FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.  I would hide in the place we had rented, sometimes even retreating to a dark loft space with my computer.  Occasionally I would drop by the beach, go into the water for a bit and then leave immediately.  A few times I tried to read under an umbrella but the friggin' sun is so ******* bright the pages were lit up like 100,000 spotlights in a stadium and my eyes couldn't make out the words.  Then  I would get horribly burned. 

I hate the ******* sun.  Thank god I live in the upper Midwest now where it's winter much longer than it's summer.

When people say, "It's so beautiful outside make sure to get out and enjoy the day!" I want to slit my wrists.  Don't try to shame me into going out underneath that giant ball of fire that's trying to ruin my life you ********!!!

powerfuless powerfuless
31-35, M
Mar 8, 2010