Bitter Taste

Okay, I am a huge nut lover but there is one nut that I cannot stand. You guessed it! It's the hazelnut. It has a bitter taste like it isn't a nut. I recently tried to like them with some sort of cookie I bought but it tasted too bland. Something about them tastes unlike anything else. It tastes like tree bark. I hate their taste.

I love pecans, almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc. but not hazlenuts at all.

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probably the most expensive chocolate I have ever purchased is from a Choclatiere in Paris by the name of Patrick Roger. I told the sales woman that I wanted dark chocolate without ANY HAZELNUTS. What did I get $100.00 latrR when I opened the package at the airport. Milk chocolate, ALL WITH HAZELNUTS.
Too me the hazelnut flavor is over sweet, too soft texture and generallyuninteresting. It is just me.

I'm a 5th generation hazelnut farmer in Oregon (the largest producer of the nut in the USA) and hazelnuts are not bitter- you just are eating bad rancid nuts. Hazelnuts have a higher unsaturated fat content than other nuts to their shelf life isn't as long. They are full of Omega 3 and 6 and are great for your heart. Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. They control the market with millions of tons of bulk product. Ferrero Roche is probably buying cheap old nuts for their candy instead of fresh nuts. Nuts in bulk bins at the grocery aren't stored properly either. They should be in a closed container like a re-sealable bag or a tin to retain freshness. <br />
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Hazelnuts are WONDERFUL if properly packaged!

What sort of flavor? I'd love to try it. Thanks for your well wishes Josie and to you the same.

It was a kind of flavored coffee at the local coffee shop. <br />
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Be safe you sweetheart you!

LOL, Josie, I haven't tried them in coffee. I guess I'll give that a try to see if they won't be so bitter.

I agree. I love nuts and peanuts but hate hazelnuts. But for some reason it's okay in coffee. Guess I'm weird.

Glad someone agrees with me. I tried to eat the Ferrero Rocher once that I bought it thinking that the chocolate would balance out the hazelnuts but it didn't. It was just as better if not even more so. <br />
I haven't tried Nutella yet but was going to but now that I know it has hazelnuts, I can't bring myself to buy it. I hate hazelnuts.

I hear you! I just can't stand that taste. All other nuts are great. And unfortunately it seems that it's always hazelnuts that are in "fine chocolates". I've had people hand me Ferrero Rocher, or Toffefee and while they look tasty, I know that the centre is a terrible hazelnut. I've sucked the good stuff off a Ferrero Rocher and left the nut, but actually even the chocolate inside is tainted with that flavour. Same with chocolate hedgehogs, and Nutella. Why can't they use something like cashews...