Tlc's Past Anti-polygamy "reality" Shows 

TLC's 'Sister Wives' puts the 'L' back in 'The Learning Channel'

Date: Dec 02, 2010
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Despite TLC's past broadcasting of bigoted shows "about polygamy" which incited audiences against polygamy, the TV network changed course in 2010, actually helping viewers learn about a positive consenting adult polygamous family, with The Learning Channel's new reality show, "Sister Wives."

In the Fall of 2010, the television network, TLC, had suddenly changed course from its past programming, going from negative to positive "about polygamy."   For a channel whose initials assert to be "The Learning Channel," its previous shows "about polygamy" never provided a genuinely honest "learning" experience for its audiences on the topic. based on such past shows, the national polygamy rights movement for consenting adults viewed TLC as an intentional source for inciting anti-polygamy bigotry.   But beginning on September 26, 2010, "The Learning Channel" made it possible for all that to change: TLC began broadcasting a new reality show, called, "Sister Wives." 



But prior to that new reality TV show in 2010, TLC's programming in previous years had been bigotedly harmful against normal consenting adult polygamists. 

On September 24, 2006, TLC aired a would-be "documentary" called, "My Husband's 3 Wives."   While claiming to be "about polygamy," the show centered on an egomaniacal man's "polygamy by affair." The national polygamy rights movement for consenting adults took note of TLC airing such a horrendously false "re-definition" of polygamy about which the movement so adamantly opposed.   The married man in the show had discovered that he had fathered a child from an affair he had had years previously. So, he forced the woman upon his existing family and called himself a "polygamist."   The show focused on his attempt to later force a third woman on the family, while the first two women were not in favor of the idea.   When the show was re-broadcast years later, the update at the show's conclusion stated that two of the women had left that same year in 2006, and that the first "legal wife" divorced him in 2008.   Clearly, this 2006 show was never a legitimate example for learning "about polygamy." 

Two years later, on November 16, 2008, TLC aired another show, "Forbidden Love: Polygamy." While claiming to be "about polygamy," this would-be "documentary" was simply one attractive, young British lady's anti-polygamous viewpoints about Mormon polygamists.   The national polygamy rights movement for consenting adults again took note of TLC airing such a twisted anti-polygamy show. The would-be "reporter," Dawn Porter, manipulated two different Mormon polygamous families - after her producers had been rejected by the national polygamy rights movement for consenting adults. She exploited the feelings of one Mormon polygamous family's "first wife's" feelings to make polygamy look as being hurtful to women.   With a different family, Porter also cleverly manipulated the media-inexperienced naiveté of an obviously-unwealthy Mormon polygamous man, housing his family in a remote trailer in the desert which she presented as apparent-squalor.   With leading questions, she verbally positioned the scruffy, pot-bellied gentleman to actually say that he would be unfaithful if he was not a polygamist.   As he unwittingly fell right into her ploy, Porter subsequently exploited his asserted "selfishness" as her supposedly "confirmed" definition of "man's view of polygamy."   And when she left the family's trailer in the end, she over-dramatically "caught her breath" to proclaim her insult, "That was nuts!   That was properly nuts!"   Clearly, this 2008 show was never a legitimate example for learning "about polygamy," either. 

With that track record of broadcasting such offensively misrepresented shows "about polygamy," TLC was definitely not trusted by most normal consenting adult polygamists by 2008.   Hence, when producers pitching a show they intended to sell to TLC came seeking for a willing family to do a reality series from the national polygamy rights movement for consenting adults, it was no wonder that few families felt safe enough to work with them
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