I am the kind of person that is disconnected from the outside world in the way that only allows the good to get close enough to stay. Once I disconnect there is no turing back. To the people I allow close to me I give everything I have so I must be certain they won't grab and go. Over the years I've had little to no support of any kind so many wolf cries for help no one hears or they simply don't care ? If I'm feeling the need to disconnect from the human race this is why. My whole life has been with good intent wanting great change to restore my family unit. I sit here today with nothing any attempts to prevent this outcome fail doors slamming ...I'm exhausted with nothing to show for it and no one truly cares. The way I see it this world turned its back on me the day I was born into my fathers martyred remnants. It's up to me to stay connected to my inviroment to my earth and the human legacy of hope! You see I have the one trait that will not allow my spirit to ever disconnect forever...a selfless spirit is connected spiritually to its whole inviroment a selfless person always concider all I am forever connected!
My stories can be found all through this site because I can relate to just about anything . We have to come together as one race if we expect to ever reconnect to one another. We have to come together and agree that our children are everyones business we need to agree that my job as a server is just as important as the doctors I wait on if one is willing to work hard be productive he deserves to be paid a wage that supports him and we all deservere a safe place to call home...we need to agree to get involved with something pick a cause support it
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it takes a serious effort to develop relationships. I agree though, it seems like people are mainly into themselves these days. it sure is a lonely world when you only care about yourself. I wish people would learn this.

Satan can take what he wants he can't have my selfless spirit! Now if I could just get to a point where I matter too!to exist in a selfless society the majority must rule in its favor this is what I hope to inspire the future to achieve.