I Nearly Lost My Big Bro!

My big bro was sent to Basra just before my 18th birthday! n we nearly lost him the day before it!!

There was a mortar attack which landed about a meter from his bed!! luckily they were all out training so there was no casualties that time but everywhere was trashed!! he drew us a pic of how close it was n it was shocking! if that came while they were asleep the whole group would of been dead straight away!!

He sent us a letter a week after to let us know what was going on n he also told us his team was surprised by an ambush n his best mate got shot in the neck n died instantly!! It was so horrible to read what he was going though! i just wanted to give him a hug n reassure him but obs i couldn't!!

In the letter he remembered my bday n sent me a kiss n cuddle from over there n so did his friends!! He then went on to say please look after his wife n his Lil boy who wasn't even 2 yet if the worst happens!!

It was the worst time in all my families life! my heart goes out hundreds of times to the families who have lost their sons, daddy's, brothers, lovers etc
I'm just very lucky to be able to see him again!

At Christmas 2006 i was told that if he doesn't pass his training to be a Sergeant he will be posted back to Iraq for Christmas 2007! so the heartache n pain is going to happen all over again!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 1, 2007