I feel like an absolute FAILURE. I feel like I was born a failure and will die as one.

I'm not suicidal or anything.. Just saying..
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NOBODY your age can even BE a failure.

I guess nobody any age can be a failure

That's a load of crap. I know you are "just saying " but your telling yourself a lie. Your still a young girl. You can't sum up your entire existence on a few bad experiences. Anyone who is famous or accomplished great things have failed or had setbacks at one time or another. The difference is they had self faith, they beleived in themselves. I have bench pressed over 300 lbs. I did that by failing at 100, then 150 then 200. Each time l failed at say 150 it would have been easy to say " You can't lift 150lbs. You can't even budge it . What the hell makes you think your going to do double that weight ?Now it took awhile but l can tell you that 300 lbs wound up sitting on my chest a lot more times then sending it into the air for 8 times. You are only a failure when YOU SAY you are a failure. That's why l said its a load of crap. Don't believe that nonsense. It does not matter where you are or where you've been. What matters is WHERE YOUR GOING !! Believe in yourself. After all if you don't then who will ? Good luck. Now go out there and kick some *** !!!

:'D that was inspirational, very! Thank you very much xD

Your welcome . It was my pleasure.

We all do from time to time. even the best people who've done great things. It's an important feeling, but in the end it's just a feeling, it doesn't have to be reality. Let it inspire you instead. Start with small goals and achieve them one by one. That feeling will only stay with you if you do nothing. If you fail, pick your self up and try again. tell yourself that you don't want to feel that way ever again.

People call u a failiure? Prove them wrong.

You think your a failure, prove yourself wrong.

I've never been called a failure, but I feel like one. H

Do something to be a winner, then.

Don't feel like that do something that makes you feel good

At 2 AM..?

Not here

What do you mean?

Its not 2 am here no clue

Aha, never mind, this is confusing me :D


No problem, thank you for trying :D

Ok bye.

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You arent a failure !


You arent a failure at all

What makes you say that?

You are nice and caring and why would you be?

Haha.. Thank you for trying :)

Im always here for you

Thank you, same for you :D

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