Here's a Short List of Things I Hate:


Squinty eyes (American Indian... thanks, Dad... grrr)





oh, did I mention weight?


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4 Responses Feb 27, 2007

Now its always easy to put ourselves down rather than makes ourselves feel good...i can tell you that you are beautiful inside and that means your beautiful outside too!i know alot of woman who say they hate how they look and they are really attractive and i often think i wish i had her eyes ,nose and wow look at those legs!<br />
everyone has a different idea of what is attractive you can line 10 girls up and 10 guys and they will all choose a different person in terms of attraction.<br />
big hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well I'm going through the weight thing....and I hate my cheeks (on face) lol......Thats ok god made u that way just like me....And heres a Tip (Dont make your self not eat if u know what I mean dont ya)

I know what you go through. Except for the weight, I have been going hard on physical activity since I was 12. If you want I could always help with the weight thing. I am not a pro but I will be one day.

Then try looking the way.