I Think I'm Soooooooo Ugly!

I think I'm sooooo U-G-L-Y,My mom and dad said I'm not,,,,Any 1 out there that will give me advice 2 me make me feel better about my self..   

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this is obviously fake.....

My friend pliz i humbly request u 2 believe in mi atleast now dat u are beautiful and wonderfully made in God's image.u know wat ,beauty is not worthy just be honest, disciplined, faithfull and the small details of your life are really dat matters.<br />
Remember beauty is not all about face,mind the way you behave ok.<br />
Always be good to people,beauty just creates an environment condusive for happiness but doesn't last for longer.Be kin.

I go through the same thing! <br />
always seems like theres something off about me and the way i look and my mom always says no. ofcourse<br />
i've wanted to be a singer in korea for the longest time and i love to sing but there is just NO way i can look like them without any plastic surgery or anything <br />
so at times i sulk get depressed all that jazz <br />
but you know what? when i start singing i just forget about it <br />
immerse yourself in something you love to do something fun if you find yourself being depress the best remedy is to go have fun. <br />
who cares what one looks like on the outside as long as you're happy

You know, I never thought looks to be so important...<br />
I never thought of myself as the "Most handsome guy in town" and never did. <br />
But that doesn't matter to me because I make up for it with an rocking personality, Hahaha.<br />
What I'm trying to say is...<br />
It doesn't matter! It's WHO you are that makes you beautiful...not how you look...

i know you probably hear this from a bunch of motivational speakers and stuff, but it's not on the outside, it;s the inside that matters. Lincoln was ugly, but people remember him as a great leader. He knew he was ugly, but he made jokes about it. When people called him 'two faced', he would reply "if i had another face, do you think i'd be wearing this one?" i don't know what you look like, so i can't tall you about your looks, but to be honest, it doesn't matter. Be yourself, and you'll find the right person someday. :)