I Hate....

I hate the way i look. A list of things... I have small eyes, My nose is too big, Im too fat, my hands are ugly, my eyes arent pretty, i have bad skin, i hate my smile. Theres tons more just dont feel like writing it all but im sure you get the point right?
lonergirl7 lonergirl7
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 8, 2007

Well to help yourself, you've got to look into WHY you think those things for example ; are you comparing yourself to a sibling ? friends ? and like are you jealous of them ?<br />
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Nowadays personality is more important than looks, not all guys are looking for "a quick shag" granted there are many ****** out there looking JUST for that, but there are still guys that aren't like that.<br />
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if you wanna more in depth/private convo feel free to message me (:

Well there is not too much you can do. I know how you feel. You just have to not listen to the part of yourself that tells you that you are unattractive and get on with your life. It seems unfair but it makes you stronger.