The 2 Me's

On one hand I know I can look good. On the other I despise the way I'm put together. Too tall, hips not wide enough, my stomach is the bane of my existence.
I work out every day and follow a strict diet. I get to where I want then lose it. It's vicious. Becoming obsessive. I avoid anywhere that I need to wear swimmers and its 40+ degrees in Australia right now so that's not fun.
I need to be perfect. I used to model, people tell me I'm pretty and I know how to look ok in a photo. But this is deeper taking my clothes off is unimaginable and pool parties? Forget it. What is wrong with me?! And how the heck do you make your body fat **** off in under a week? Sigh.
Tb88 Tb88
22-25, F
Jan 11, 2013