Best of Friends. Or Not.

To be honest it depends on my mood, who I'm with, what I'm wearing, hell, the weather for all I know. I don't hate my body but we're not exactly best friends either. My skin isn't bad but it's too pale and I get the odd pimple. I can live with that. My hair is boring and I can't do anything with it. But I can get over that. I'm petite in the upper-body but my boobs are too big. Ok, it could be worse. I have what my grandmother calls 'child bearing hips'. Make of that what you will. I'm not fat but my face is too narrow for my body. I'm short. I don't like my legs.... I could go on and on. Thing is sometimes I like the way I look. On these days I'm feminine and pretty with striking eyes. However on the bad days (most days), I'm fat and ugly. Oh my best buddies.... the mirror and my body. Imagine the parties...
Faile Faile
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 14, 2007

From what you said, your body looks good to me. On your feminine days are you happy. Looks are a mater of perpective, i think you look good over just a few words and you think you look fat and ugly. Im 47 in the prime of my manhood,5'9 175 and would love to see not ugly, im just me and happy for it.