I Hate It.

I love guy number one. He treats me pretty badly. He makes me cry almost every night, and he barely even notices. Yet, I keep thinking about him. I'm jealous of his girlfriend, and any time he's with her, I feel broken inside. He consatntly chooses her over me, although me and him have been best freinds for years. I show him so much love. Way more than he deserves.

I love guy number two. I am not jealous of his girlfriend. This guy is AMAZING. he's possibly the most gentleman-like man I have ever known. And i don't show him nearly enough love as I should do. He invites me out, something that guy 1 wouldnt dream of doing. Yet, I long for guy 1 to ask me to go somewhere with him and i turn down guy 2.

guy two is goodlooking, guy 1 isnt. guy 2 is a great friend! guy 1 is annoying and selfish.

I hate it. Why do I love guy 1 more than guy 2????? PLEASE HELP!
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4 Responses Jul 6, 2007

seraphim, no. 'fraid not. guy #2 is ANOTHER guy who i used to be really good friends with. i've never been jealous of any of his girls - and he's had quite a few. we're still good friends but we only ever see eachother in school now. as for guy #1, about a month after i wrote this i told him that he never gave me any attention and i hated him for it and i didnt want to be close to him anymore. we didnt speak for the entirety of last year. at a party in august i got drunk and guy #1 was there and we reconciled our differences. i no longer love him - AT ALL - and i'm definitely not jealous of his girlfriend. me and guy #1 speak to oneanother now, very rarely and nothing like before. so it no longer matters to me that he doesnt give me attention. my current best friend ticks all the boxes though, right? :)

the birdie is correct! the only thing i can add to feflower and dodo's comments is this: you desire #1 because you can't have him. if he was all yours, if his abuse was all yours and no one elses, you'd not want him any more - you would soon grow tired of it all and quit him. it's something about not being able to have what you want that causes you to want it that much more even if it's no good for you. you already know the right thing to do. take care of yourself.

ONE unrequited love is bad enough. TWO must be near unbearable. In all honesty, I think you should probably avoid both of them for a while and try to find somewhere else to direct your energies. Love is very important, it's true but loving two guys who already have girlfriends will only end up in double the heartbreak for you. And whilst it's certainly possible to love two people at once, this means that *neither* are quite right for you.

Hi, mabye coz sometimes" hes "nice,"( and that's the guy u love)But u h8 the other side to him that's the "*******", but in order to get the "nice him"(u tolerate alot of abuse) (my ex was the same (Jekell and Hyde) u have to break the addiction, and go for the 1 who treats u with respect.<br />
(been there) "Hugs", from Feflower in nz