I'm the oldest of the 4 children and as you can tell its never good. Many people claim that the oldest child is always the favourite and has respect. Well no , its not true , the oldest child is a test guinea pig that the parents can try things on. Well in my childhood is what like. My parents split when I was 4 and it was just me my mum and my brother. My mum had always taken things to heart and thought that people hated her. As I grew up , I was bored hearing her stories she told me. If I got bullied she would go on about her childhood was so much worse . when in fact my nan and grandad were good people and she had a privileged childhood. My brother had server ADHD and I was left out a lot and trusted and had to grow up fast. I mean it was not my brothers fault. By the time I was 13 I had to more brothers and my mother had just finished a second marriage. This is when she met my step dad till now. He was loud and an idiot. He didn't finish school but thought of himself as a genius and to him he was never wrong. He was like my mother , they were perfect. They would ***** about people and and judge others but cause a storm whenever it backlashed. My mum started to act as a teenager. She favored my youngest brother , on her phone where only pictures of him ,she said I was to ugly for pictures. When ever my mother didn't like the opinion I gave her she would call me a brat and say that I didn't care about anyone else and that I was selfish. My mother didn't even invite her parents to her wedding because they told her that they disagreed with me being punished for no good reason. My mother also got jelouse when I got good grades , she would say 'don't show off'. Though my brothers were showers with praise.

Sorry , I've rambled on. Am I wrong and do you agree with my my mother, or do you agree with me that she cares about her reputation and takes things the wrong way ...
alice2456 alice2456
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014