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i simply don't understand the morality of the media.  i guess when it comes to certain 'groups' there's no measure of morality among them as they feel it is their 'job' to go to the nth degree in the name of the 'public.'

personally i find paparazzi, politicians; basically anyone propagating their own agenda at the cost of another human life (social or otherwise) to be disgusting. 

there's got to be a line.  there used to be.  of course, as the years have gone by we've become more violent, more desensitized, etc.  still yet ... i believe, regardless of the constitution and bill of rights, there needs to be a moral line.  who would set that?  what's disturbing to me may not be to the next person and thus it's all in the perception of the person digesting it.

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Between no gentlemens agreements to limit some things. Print media showing the most terrible things and some news media making up stories, there is just no end to what they will do. The word 'responsibility' has been lost in the dust of the almighty dollar. Then some wonder why some freedoms are lost. Actually the business dont care. The only laws they sometimes follow are what courts tell them they cant do.

Yepo . . . it is sad and pity the Actors too. The Media loves the scent of blood.<br />
Totally agree

precisely what i was referring to ... ty for your comment, El!

When Franklin Roosevelt was President, there was a gentleman's agreement among the press to never show him as a man crippled with polio - photographs were always digified. (This was thought to be good for the morale of the nation.) Can you image today's press exercising that kind of restraint? It's a downward spiral, really, and we are also to blame. As long as "Headless Corpse In Topless Bar" outsells Congressional minutes, the spiral will continue. Tabloid news has replaced real news - this is the "bread and circuses" of Roman days.