This Is Not Directed At Anyone In My Circle, I Am Just Ranting...

it offends me that we think that animals need to be fixed, as though there is something wrong with them. let me ask you a question: would you get your child sterilized (not just sterilized, but a full castration or hysterectomy) as soon as possible if the doctor told you that they would be less hyper and would not get certain kinds of cancer? oh and let's not forget that they can't have babies (that's always a bonus, isn't it?). yes, let's get people "fixed" because we are truly the ones who need it, not the other animals. people overpopulate the world, not other animals. besides, i find most humans to be very selfish beings. seriously, we destroy forests so that we can have a fancy road, we have all kinds of surgeries performed on our pets that are as stupid as they are unnecessary and cruel, we're too cowardly to hunt with anything other than a shotgun or rifle (gotta maintain that 500-yard distance, right?), we think that animals have no feelings, we feel that we must modify animals in order to co-exist with them... WAKE UP! if animals had these mentalities and opinions of people, we would all be screwed!

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or other body parts for that matter... let's not forget about claws, tails, ears, and vocal cords... i think that these things are half the reason i am a furry... i can't stand to be associated with these beasts... and they call us vicious... what has the world come to?

Yep, you're absolutely right.. people are more of an issue than animals could ever be. And altering them to create more convenience for us is pretty sickening. It's all about convenience these days. You shouldn't own a pet if you're going to consider yourself to be a superior being in such ways that you feel you have the right to remove their genitals.