I Really Hope No One Reads This, But I Feel I Need to Tell This

i never really  had many friends.

im convinced the oned i do have dont like me and i feel i  annoy them.

i hate the world

i hate my life

i hate my home

i hate this place

i hate myslef

i feel there is nothing that can be done for me to be satisfied.

im really angry at no oneand everyone, for no reason

i get anxiety attacks, and i adore my solitude( almost too much)

i dont think i can lable myslef as depressed, but i might be

the world is too intense, i feel i need to distance myslef from it


iamsopissedoff iamsopissedoff
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I'm having one of those days today where everything and everyone in in the world just ****** me off. I wish I could release a flesh-eating virus on the entire world population and wipe them all out. Of course I would be immune to it so when everyone is dead and gone I can live the rest of my life in peace. Haha true it's just a dumb wish that won't happen but how good it would feel to be free of the human race forever.

hey, i feel..exactly the same way. probably to a deeper degree though, actually.<br />
I hate the world, how selfish people are, greedy, hateful, cruel. Children are the only think i don't hate. they are innocent, and pure. and so many ******* ******** take that away from them. i get so angry at almost anything half the time, and tonight was extremely intense regarding that situation. that's probably why i'm commenting this.. i get so angry, and i seclude myself within this house. it feels like there is no outside. i love it, and hate it. i feel like no one will ever experience this feeling as i do. i hate that also and love that also. it's a sickness, trust me.. if you're like me, you're sick. but this world is sick, so maybe being sick...is really, not being sick, you see?<br />
**** life.<br />
I hope you atleast hate life a little less because someone knows exactly how you feel, regardless.