I Give Up, Your Stupidity Beats My Wisdom.

A message to the world:
You win.
You get told everything you know, and yet you have a stronger opinion than anyone.
You don't spend any time thinking about life, and yet you somehow know that I'm wrong.
You are disgraceful human beings that, as a result of not questioning and thinking for yourselves, can be so easily manipulated simply with the application of fear.
I loath you.
All the murders being perpertrated by the governments of the world are partly your responsibility all because you refuse to wake up.
I dispise you.
You are so distracted by sex, and drinking, and celebrities, and tv, and movies, and popularity, and peer group pressure, and racism, and sexism, and patriotism, and thisism and thatism, that you don't even realise how wasted your lives are and, as a consequence, my life and the lives of every other person. Because you won't wake up.
I hate you.
I, and a small minority of others, are doing our part; we're thinking, we are pulling the proverbial tug-of-war rope. But you, you don't help, you walk off and leave us, you say, "You come too then, drop the rope and come with us", but that is not an option for us because we do what is right, it isn't an option to leave what we know to be right to pursue what we know to be wrong. And there is nothing we can do about it because you are more than us; so we suffer.
God damn you.
If we try to wake you up you become angry, you force us out, you shun us, to think for yourself is to bring about your own ostrisization.
If only you would wake up, life could be good, life could actually be good. Imagine that.
Jackx Jackx
22-25, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Amen, now I dont feel so alone.