No-one Would Believe Me

I am harassed and hounded constantly in my own home and wherever I go.

I hate the world I live in, but I don't hate myself, but I can't live in the world.

The way I am attacked is hidden, and no-one (literally no-one) would believe my real story, they would think I was crazy.

That's why I hate the world, because we have filled it with unreal things, institutions, notions of what being human is, and its all lies and walls to keep people locked out or locked in, so you can get something out of them that you don't ever give back.

The world really does suck for me for this reason, I know there are people worse off but that's hardly a reason to cheer up is it? The world is a sick, sick place, one can only hope there's a hell for these people to go to... I'm probably going there too (if I'm not there already) but at least in hell there is probably greater equality than there is on this bag of cr*p we call earth
Born2Respawn Born2Respawn
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I appreciate your comment, its nice to connect with a real person, but honestly I have nothing to gain by telling my story, and the exposure is potentially dangerous to me if I do and could be used against me. Arguably I have nothing to lose either but nevertheless I I'd rather have nothing outside, rather than nothing inside, of a mental institution.

woahh, that was deep! i would beleive you if you told me the real story, promise