Is There a God?

I sometimes wonder if this is hell. I know that sounds a little extreme, but honestly if you look at a typical persons life, its filled with pain and hurt.

Madeline Mcann age 3 was taken from her room in Portugal while her parents ate dinner near by. Its been a month now and they still haven't found her, it makes me so angry.

Why does this **** happen? Why are there paedophiles in the world? Why cant we wipe them out completely? Why are they still entitled to human rights?

I hate them and wish them all horrible deaths, i don't care what their upbringing was like, i don't care if they were abused themselves. A friend of mine was abused as a child and has not turned out to be an abuser, so there is no excuse.

There is no cure for these people and only agony for the kids and families of kids who have the misfortune to be involved with them.

I'm sick of hearing stories about it on the news, i wish we could stop being so bloody politically correct long enough to find a way to destroy every last one of them.

I have 5 nephews and if (God forbid) anything had to happen to them, i would dedicate my life to tracking the person down who did it, and i would kill them without thinking twice and i'd sleep better at night knowing that i had taken one of them away from doing it again.

Please let me know what you think, thanks.

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megasalexandros - <br />
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Don't think i've forgotten you. I have been bogged down with studying and working, so i don't have time to reply just now, but don't worry, i will.....

Dramaqueen82<br />
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Thank you for your comment, i totally agree, and i will check out the experience you recommended.<br />
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Hope you're well xxx

TheTardyDodo,<br />
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In an answer to your question - <br />
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Are you suggesting we wipe out the *victims* of child abuse?<br />
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If they victims turn into abusers, then my answer is YES!!!<br />
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Don't misunderstand, i am not some uneducated, mindless thug who thinks violence is the answer to everything, with most other subjects, and issues in life i am level headed and logical, but paedophilia is not something i can stand for nor condone, not when it causes such agony to children who should be looked after and cared for by adults who should know better.<br />
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So do tell me...what is your solution? How do you plan on "eliminating the behaviour?" There is no help or cure for these people, they do it because they want to, and sitting on the fence and talking about the ways and means isn't going to help anyone.

Megasalexandros -<br />
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Firstly, i am a law student, and i'm very aware of the meanings of paedophilia - (how it's spelled in the UK), abuse and kidnap, so i don't need you to explain it to me.<br />
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Secondly, i don't have to know someone personally to know that what they do is wrong, did you know Adolf Hitler personally? Would you agree that his actions were wrong?<br />
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"pretending that certain things are always harmful" - are you ******* kidding me? We are talking about child abuse here aren't we?<br />
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Child abuse IS ALWAYS HARMFUL, and you are seriously deluded if you believe any do tell me...are you a paedophile?

There's an "I Hate Political Correctness" experience on here that you might like. I hate all this stupid we can't offend people crap. Anyway, of all the people in this world, I also sometimes wonder why some of them are allowed to do such evil things to others.

Many people who abuse children were abused themselves as children. Are you suggesting we wipe out the *victims* of child abuse? The issue is complicated, but I agree that paedophilia is unacceptable, and that it should be a goal of humankind to eliminate the *behaviour*. I do no think Rounding Them Up And Shooting Them will solve anything, even if I *feel* like that at times.