Will People Stop?

If you think "curvy girls are better than skinny girls", you're still objectifying women. You're still making people feel bad about themselves (some people are naturally skinny). You're still putting value in a person's weight instead of where it actually matters. I remember a picture on Facebook that said something like "proof you can still get a man if your thighs touch". I used to think it was normal for your thighs to touch! That picture just made me feel like I needed to lose weight, and I don't even weigh 120 pounds. If you're one of those "support for overweight women just encourages unhealthy eating and exercise habits" lecturers, you're not helping, either. There are some people that cannot lose weight no matter what they do. It's the same thing as saying that skinny models shouldn't be featured because they are all anorexic. They are not all anorexic, some people can't GAIN weight no matter what they do. And some people are perfectly healthy under or over their "acceptable BMI range". I've seen people comment on silly fights like these saying "fat rolls are disgusting" and "rib cages and hip bones are gross". Obviously, the latter sort of comments are attacked less when they should really be attacked equally, but the point is that it's just stupid, and it's offensive to everyone. Even medium sized women, because every girl on the planet is being objectified by these kind of arguments. I have only heard of one "fat men are better than skinny men" thing before in my entire life, and my Facebook newsfeed is just clogged with this kind of stuff. Furthermore, amongst all of this "skinny vs. curvy" foolishness, does anybody notice that the word "curvy" applies to a shape, not a size? Saying you have to be fat to have curves is an insult to both medium and thin people. Also, why can't you just say "fat"? Because it is a negative word? Society chose to make it a negative word. It's an insult to people that are actually fat to use the word "curvy", because it just shows that they should be ashamed about what they are, so they should find a euphemism to cover it up. Skinny can be beautiful. Fat can be beautiful. People need to realize that.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

It`s even worse in Japan where the term `curvy` doesn`t really exist. You are thin or not thin. And being NOT THIN is a sin against God. Even small children have referred to me as `fat`. It really hurts my feelings and my self image. For reference, I am a US size 5 and never was referred to as overweight before coming here. But here having a big butt and chest means FAT because most ladies here are not shaped like me. :-(

I`m American so I have seen all types of beautiful figures and wish people here would stop making me hate mine so much. I never had a weight complex before and I really dislike it.

That's awful! In my family, it's kind of like that...but a bit different. My dad's side of the family is heavier, and my mom's side is lighter. When I was younger and I naturally looked like a starving child from Africa, my dad's side of the family always thought no one would marry me when I grew up. Of course, my mom's side of the family was always proud of me at that size. But now, I'm medium sized because of my butt and chest also. So, it's really the other way around now. My family is REALLY focused on appearance.