Zero is not a size Victoria Beckham at least a girl in her twenties on one tree hill showed people u don't have to follow that skeleton go sophia
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you've all been brainwashed. you've all been programed. programed by the things you love the most. you've been designed to hate yourself. you've been programed to want to change yourself so you go out and buy things you dont need. diet pills, makeup, clothing, perfume, shoes, purses, cars, lotions, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, plastic surgery. programed to buy anything that makes you feel accepted and loved by society. programed to have eating disorders so you need medical treatment. programed by the kardashians and paris hilton. engineered to want to be different. its all for money. its all bullshit to get your money to make buisnesses and companies rich off of you all. seems crazy right? you've been programed to think its crazy. *FREE YOURSELVES!!!* you probably think..."how can it be wrong if everyone is doing it?" you've been programed to think that way. you're all being tricked into slavery. your love is being used against all of you.